As we approach peak trainer, we’re getting to the point where there’s more than just the resistance unit itself. Now we have multiple styles of trainers, climbing simulators, smart fans – and that doesn’t include your bike. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of those things were combined into one, that didn’t even need you to supply a bike in the first place? If your answer is yes, Tacx has a new option that you might want to explore.

EB18: Tacx NEO Bike smart trainer is an all-in-one training solution

Obviously, this is far from the first stationary bike, but it does have some interesting new features. Essentially, the NEO Bike is a NEO trainer, just one that’s been turned into an entire stationary bike. Because of that, Tacx says that the bike will have all of the same specs as the NEO Smart trainer but with a few changes.

EB18: Tacx NEO Bike smart trainer is an all-in-one training solution

The bike will have plenty of adjustment including vertical and horizontal seat positioning, adjustable crank length, and the ability to set it up with your TT base bar if the standard road configuration isn’t what you’re after.

EB18: Tacx NEO Bike smart trainer is an all-in-one training solution

Since it’s a virtual bike, you get virtual shifting that can be programmed to your preferences.

EB18: Tacx NEO Bike smart trainer is an all-in-one training solution

Up front, there are two fans that are integrated into the system to replicate winds up to 30kph. The fans are also interactive so they’ll speed up based on your speed, power, or heart rate, or you can set them to be constant. The screen will show you data like your current “gear” selection, and there’s a tray for your smartphone with room for a charging cable.

All in, you’re looking at $3,199 for the NEO Bike and they’ll be shipping this September.


      • Those things that bike riders train on in the winter are called Fat Bikes and they are bike stuff and they are awesome and they allow you to cycling outside all winter in all but utterly extreme winter weather. Winter is approaching and BIKErumor should be posting stories on studded tires and winter clothing and winter riding tips.These pieces of anti-cycling technology belong only on gymrumor.

        • Clearly this is cycling related your statements are pedantic at best. Being that you’re so clever why don’t you start your own cycling tech blog and see if it lasts ten let alone 10 years.

    • Just when I thought I was being overly judgemental of humans and I should cut them some slack, you have to ruin it…
      Ps. Pro tip, if you don’t want to read this content … wait for it, wait for it … scroll down and don’t read it.

  1. seems better than having a metal spinning wheel, and or crank arms reading power, seems like an attempt at retaining some market share and creating some true cross over customers. Peleton has some stiff competition headed there way once these things hit the market.

  2. What a strange set of comments. Clearly this is aimed at the zwift/trainerroad biking crowd, not the peloton gym crowd. Good for you if you want to fat bike, but many of us would rather ride zwift in the winter, so whatever makes you happy, and this looks like a great option for a lot of us. Good for Tacx for offering a solution to those of us who don’t want to haul a bike in and out to attach to a trainer, or who have multiple family members of all sizes that want to zwift as well, and who don’t want a peloton or other spin bike. Resistance sounds like it will be as good as the Neo, meaning top in-class, and shifting, coasting etc. sounds great. Can’t wait to get one.

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