This one is for those riders out there who ride their bike to the office. Or really anyone who is looking for a cycling shoe that pulls double duty as a classy casual shoe as well. The work of Velo-Replublique, the Streamline Cycling shoe is the result of years of development by founder Warland Wight. While working in Shanghai, Warland realized that he wished that there was a leather cycling shoe that was comfortable and stylish both on the bike, and off.

Streamline your footwear w/ cycling shoe that combines real leather & classic looks

That desire gave rise to the prototypes for the Streamline shoe. After moving back to Seattle, Warland’s shoes went through years of testing and more than 20,000 miles on a single pair. Now, he’s ready to release them into the wild.

Streamline your footwear w/ cycling shoe that combines real leather & classic looks Streamline your footwear w/ cycling shoe that combines real leather & classic looks

This isn’t the first shoe that has tried to blend on/off bike performance, but there is a lot that makes the Streamline unique. Starting with a genuine perforated black leather leather upper, the shoe is designed to wear in, and mold to your feet over time. Inside, you’ll find a liner made from synthetic mesh that promotes breathability. And outside, there is 3M Sctochlite fabric behind the perforated leather which causes the shoes to light up with reflectivity at night.

Using a stiff rubber outsole with a recessed cleat pocket, the shoe is designed so that you can walk around comfortably without annoying clicking from the cleats hitting the floor (or worse, scratching the floor). While the sole is stiff for riding, it’s also flexible in the right spots for walking. And unlike other shoes that may angle your feet for better pedaling, the Streamline features a flat footbed to ensure all day comfort when on your feet but off the bike.

Warland also claims that they created a patent pending method of attaching the upper leather to the sole for increased durability.

Currently offered through Kickstarter, the first 100 White Jersey backers will receive their shoes within a week of the campaign ending. The rest of the backers will have their shoes delivered shortly after, with October 2018 the goal. To get in on a pair, prices start at $188 which also includes a t-shirt, and a few other bits. The first 100 backers also get free shipping, while the rest of the backers will have to pay $9.26 for shipping inside of the U.S. Check out the Kickstarter for more info.



  1. I guess if you don’t mind being asked why you are wearing your bicycle shoes in the office every time you keep them on, go for it. They still look like modified mountain bike shoes.

  2. Hint, instead of designing a bike shoe to look like “classy casual” shoe, take an existing “classy casual” shoe, insert forefoot stiffener, increase sole height to accommodate cleat as necessary and voila, you have a classy casual bike shoe.
    This one looks like you are wearing soccer shoes with your suit.

    • Hi JBikes, For the Streamline I wanted to a shoe that would nod to the classic Italian cycling shoes from the past. I also diwhile having an aggressive lugged sole that that I could hike up the step trails on a gravel ride. Then ride right up to a nice restaurant to meet friends for dinner. Which I’ve done and got compliments on the shoe in the process. The look of the shoe is not for everyone but then again no shoe is. Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it in mind for future models.

  3. Seems like they ran out of ideas when it came to the sole; it looks like a XC shoe masquerading as a dress shoe.

    Perhaps they should have taken inspiration from Shimano’s RT shoe line and improved on it. The RT lineup has the same cleat pocket in the sole, but much less lugging in the tread blocks. They could improve on the basic sole design by cutting shallow lugs and siping for better grip, as my RT33s tend to get slippery to walk in when worn.

  4. My friend wears his Streamlines everywhere – even when he’s not on the bike. They don’t really look like bike shoes because the cut is more generous, and isn’t as foot-fitting as a lot of options. And I think the leather is stiffer.

  5. You could get a pair of Giro Republics and be done with it. Same general effect. Too many entrepreneurs in Seattle making the same crap that’s been around forever and making it look like the second coming of Christ.

    • Hi SYD, Yes, it does have a classic look but the leather is perforated so it regulates you foot so your foot doesn’t get all sweaty. Other shoes on the market don’t have that. Also there is a layer of 3M reflective material that you can’t see in the day but shines through brightly at night. You can take a look at the Kickstarter page to see what I’m talking about. No other shoe does that. I hope that help explain some of the differences.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • The problem is these Seattle hippies see something when they are high as a kite, later think they came up with an idea and it was original or something.

  6. I have been using my Streamlines for over 9 months and they have held up fantastic. I have know Warland for over 5 years and he is regarded in Taiwan and the states as a straight shooter. Been wearing them as a road / dirt shoe in the dry and the Seattle rain (and more rain) mixed with mud. Warland is correct in that they make for a solid commuter shoe that are up to snuff for a night on the town. I do get several compliments out on the town and while at work in the bike shop. I replaced the stock foot bed w/ a custom due to my high arch and they provide all day comfort. Looks great, awesome fit and durable inside and out. Unique bonus is the reflective fabric under the leather. There are a lot of good shoes out there but it is nice to wear something very special.

  7. Lots of trolls in here, eh? Like a lot of others, I too have a pair of Streamline shoes. I was one of Land’s early testers on these. I have been using on my Mountain Bike on the trails around Portland.

    Here’s what I love about these shoes- In 1985 I started riding road bikes seriously. I was 15 years old and had very little money to spend on my new love, cycling. My mom bought me a pair of Detto Pietro cycling shoes. These were the days before the Look pedal became huge in the US so we strapped our feet in onto steel pedals. As most of you probably remember, it was often easy to fall down at an intersection. These shoes brought back memories of that time. Although it was 33 years ago, I still remember the feel of those things strapped to my feet. Remarkable, Warland perfectly matches the feel of those shoes, from the soft leather to the sole,

    Like I said, I have been using them with SPD cleats on my Mountain Bike. They’re more than capable of riding in the dirt. I like being able to walk with them in muddy sections, the stiffness is good.

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