As many mountain bikers have fully embraced the dropper seatpost, most of us just use whatever remote lever that comes with it. But while most levers are OK, PNW aims to give you better, smoother performance to pop your seat up & down…

PNW Loam Lever premium dropper seatpost remote lever

PNW Loam Lever premium dropper seatpost remote lever

The Loam Lever is a lot of precision machining and tech dropped into a tiny button on your bar to control your post. If that isn’t something you think warrants further discussion, or you have never felt your own dropper remote stick or squeak, just stop reading now. No, seriously, you’ll just get annoyed when I say how much this thing costs!

PNW Loam Lever Tech Details

PNW Loam Lever premium dropper seatpost remote lever

OK, so since you haven’t given up on the Loam Lever yet, let’s start with why it is supposed to be better. With a two-position fixed clamp like a SRAM shifter, the Loam gives a good bit of side-to-side adjustability, whether you use its own band clamp or a MatchMaker or I-Spec setup.

PNW Loam Lever premium dropper seatpost remote lever

Then the whole thing spins on a large (for a lever) sealed bearing so it will run smoothly, not matter how wet & nasty your trail riding is. Add to that a non-slip molded rubber thumb pad, and you get a secure & grippy hold every time you reach for the dropper remote with or without gloves, and in all weather.

PNW Loam Lever premium dropper seatpost remote lever

So here’s the catch. It costs $69 / 60€ for that lightweight, precision CNC’ed alloy. The 48g Loam Lever (including the standard 22.2mm hinged band clamp) features all stainless steel hardware, and comes in three color options for the No Slip Grip: teal, orange or gray. PNW says it works with every mechanical dropper they’ve tested with, and it includes a Jagwire derailleur cable to get you rolling.


    • Not that it doesn’t look nice enough, but more money than the proven alternative (which has a big bearing, tons of mounts, good spares availability, and a breakaway axle) makes stocking these these a hard sell.

  1. We have reached peak lever… PNW, Cane Creek, Wolf Tooth… so many good options out there.

    Does it allow you to run the cable from the lever to post and/or post to lever? I love the Cane Creek Dropt lever for that. No need to worry about cutting the cable too short on my Lev post…

  2. Like their dropper posts, I can’t wait until someone posts a link to the generic Ali Baba version (without the PNW branding) and it costs half of what they charge.

  3. The price isn’t bad at all, in line with just about any high end lever. Definitely going to look into one of these for my KS Lev, which has the dumbest lever design of all time.

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