Hans Rey likely needs no introduction, though his latest adventure might. Los Angeles is one of those cities that a lot of people think they know, but even those who have lived there for years might not be aware of the trails and hidden gems tucked away in the hills. Hans wanted to traverse this massive city by bike in just five days, and to do so, he invited two of his friends – MTB legend Missy Giove and legendary bass player, Timmy C.

Day one starts out with Missy and some incredible riding in the San Gabriel Mountains from the top of Mount Wilson, to Pasadena. Stay tuned for parts 2-5!



  1. OldDoc on

    Jeez. GB. She was only caught with a small bit of Mary Jane. Just 380 lbs.
    Just a bit… For personal use only.
    She plead guilty and got what? 5 months of home detention? To avoid prison time.
    I wonder what that much weed looks like.


    • JustSomeGuy on

      380 pounds?!?!
      Actually, having met her once and seeing how super chill she was it’s almost believable that was for personal use.

    • GB on

      Thanks OD. I don’t care if people smoke pot per se, but if you have 380 pounds you got it from some bad people and are supporting real hard core drug dealers.

  2. RADD just say no on

    I heard marijuanas can make you into a really bad bad person. I knew a guy who took a joint once back in high school and he became the baddest in town. Now he still gets flashbacks just from one marijuanas that he snorted over 16 years ago.

  3. JBikes on

    Jeez people. It marijuana. I don’t care if she was caught with every plant in the world. The only crime should have been for non payment of taxes for the profits she made.


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