We took an exclusive first preview at BikeYoke’s Divine SL dropper earlier this summer. The new lightweight, cut-to-size, short-travel dropper seatpost is designed for shorter travel mountain bikes. And now that production is set we have the final details and delivery estimates.

2019 BikeYoke Divine SL lightweight 80mm XC dropper post

Details on BikeYoke’s new Divine SL lightweight, short-travel dropper are pretty much the same as what we saw back at the end of July. The post is internally and externally tapered to minimize weight, it available in 30.9 & 31.6mm diameters, and uses an internal piston design that is said to never need to be reset or have air bled out of it (unlike BikeYoke’s resettable Revive droppers.) BikeYoke designer Stefan Sack told us there is “no chance of air ingestion into the lockout chamber”.

2019 BikeYoke Divine SL lightweight 80mm XC dropper post 386g actual weight uncut

Designed for riders who don’t need long dropper post travel, the Divine SL offers 80mm of drop with an uncut weight of 385g in its full 400mm length. We even verified that actual weight on our own scale with a 30.9mm diameter post.

2019 BikeYoke Divine SL lightweight 80mm XC dropper post

But the other interesting bit here is you can shed more weight if you don’t need so much seatpost insertion in your XC or Marathon bike. Or maybe your adventure or gravel bike that needs a little bit of drop when the terrain gets gnarly?

The Divine SL’s outer tube can be cut down up to the minimum length of 285mm, which would drop it to 345g making for one of the lightest dropper seatpost options on the market.

BikeYoke Divine SL lightweight dropper post – Pricing & Availability

2019 BikeYoke Divine SL lightweight 80mm XC dropper post

The new Divine SL dropper post is available for pre-order now, direct from BikeYoke. The droppers are in production now with the first deliveries scheduled to go out to customers by the end of November 2018. The BikeYoke Divine SL dropper posts sell for 379€, including one of several remote levers like the standalone Triggy, I-Spec or Matchmaker versions, or a remote for use with 2x drivetrains. BikeYoke is also throwing in a free pair of socks with every pre-order, and shipping is free for the Divine SL worldwide.



  1. The saddle is the Morgaw Trian https://morgaw.com/. The rails are mounted into rubber elastomers and allows the saddle to really move with you. My son runs one on his XC race bike and it makes seated pedaling through the rough stuff a lot smoother.

  2. Saddle is the Morgaw Trian. See morgaw dot com. My son uses one for XC racing and it is nice and comfortable. Takes the edge off the smaller rough terrain when seated.

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