Darimo Carbon makes some of the lightest carbon cockpit components on the market from their workshop in València, Spain. Initially focusing on ultralight XC components, Darimo is targeting road weight weenies more and more with their latest Ellipse Road Handlebar with weights <130g, after developing their first setback seatpost this year.

We were first introduced to Darimo Carbon earlier this summer when we saw their incredibly light <100g to 115g seatposts, <100g MTB bars, and even a prototype seatpost clamp weighing just 4g. Now roadies can pair the new Ellipse road bar with a setback post for an ultralight carbon cockpit entire fabricated in the EU.

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bike handlebar

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bike handlebar

The new carbon Ellipse road bar was already in the works when we met with company owner Damià Rizo in Girona this summer, and now it is ready for sale. Building on their other in-house super light carbon experience, the Ellipse bar is one of the lightest carbon drop bars we’ve come across, entirely made in Europe, and surprisingly not much more expensive that premium large-scale production handlebars.

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bar – Tech Details & Actual Weight

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bike handlebar

The new Ellipse Road Handlebar is available in three standard widths: 40, 42 & 44cm mesured center-to-center. Each of the three sizes feature the same compact bend, with 77mm of reach and 128mm of drop. Darimo using their own, in-house developed carbon layups, and offer either a 3K or UD look for the central part of the bar where it is exposed between the bar tape, and matte or gloss finishes.

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bike handlebar

With a 3K top weave finish, Darimo claims weights for the bars at just 135g for the largest 44cm bar, 128g for the 42cm, and only 122g for the 40cm width. (Actual weight on the scale shown here of a 42cm bar at 126g.) Darimo crafts much of their carbon components to order offering a unique level of customization possibilities. But even then, the standard bars have a generous 110kg/240lb combined rider, bike & gear weight limit and are ISO tested.

Darimo Ellipse ultralight carbon road bike handlebar

We’ve got this exclusive first look at Darimo’s new Ellipse Road Handlebar, so it isn’t yet up on their website. But the new Ellipse bar is available now for 399€. You just need to reach out directly to Darimo to place an order, or it will be available through their bike shop partners from next week.



  1. Wow, Damia keeps setting new standards! really impressive what Darimo achieves. Top part seems slightly thinner (not going to call it really aero, but better than classic round section of AX or Schmolke bars), impatient to see if a version with flare exist!

  2. Something to note…
    Light handlebars are only a good idea if they’re strong and stiff – I hope that is the case with these. There is no point in crazy-light if it’s a noodle, and/or if it’ll snap like a twig over a pothole.

    • Matt, Darimo’s bars are rated 110kg vs 75 or 80kg for Schmolke that are 20g heavier. On the stiffness side will wait for tests but Schmolke has been able to produce some of the stiffest bars and remain under 160g (the FullOver)… then I have no doubt The Darimo will provide enough stiffness.

        • All handlebars have weight limits, if not specifically mentioned it would be directly linked to the norm they are tested to ISO norm specify you test it under 1000N (102kg). 110kg for such a high-tech component is outstanding, the industry used to limit to 80kg for this category (75 for some ultralight Schmolke).

  3. Super!
    Top products at very fair prices!
    The customer service is also 5 stars.
    Darimo is setting new standards.


  4. I am getting the 400mm road bars. I have been very impressed with the t1 seatpost in 27.2 and 31.6, and a 680mm mtb handlebar. They have all been superlight (lighter than the best out there, and a better price) and stiff. There is a touch of engineered flex in the 27.2 post; it is nice and it adds comfort. Admittidly at 60kg/130lbs i can probably get away with more than other riders.

    That being said, my LBS has seen many carbon components come through the shop, and that my Darimo stuff was at the top end (and they had no money in the game as i bought direct from darimo). I think they key with carbon is lightness, with a bit of engineered flex for comfort. Mind you, for 200lbs riders putting out 1500w, our definition of “stiff” may differ. But the cool thing is that Darimo does custom stuff with added stiffness to meat your needs.

    • Just to add, i think the key is to find the level of stiffness that works for you based on your weight/power/comfort needs. There is never a one size fitts all. I have had carbon stuff that was too flexy, too stiff, or just right. So far darimo has been just right, and light as hell (and i have tried a lot). The benefit of the hand made boutique options like darimo is that they are willing to customize to rider needs. It someone were interested but unsure, I would email darimo with your weight, power output, and desired use, comfort vs stiffness goals and see what he advises.

  5. I mean, they must pass the EN tests, but man is it hard to see how a bar that light could have the same life cycle as one that’s more robust.

    • To understand that you have to open your mind.

      To know how to do it you have to be in the front line of bicycle technology, and beeing in the front line is not for everybody.
      Things evolve, carbon fiber is a world of technics and raw materials. Carbon is not my business but its easy to figure the existence of low quality level carbon and high level quality.

      I have contacted with lots of brands before, and never felt the comunication so open as when i do it whit Darimo. If one is not confortable with the (awesome) standard specs on their items anyone can ask for a custom reinforced item.
      For example, you can inform Darimo where your levers clamp and they reinforce that exact point. You can inform where your seatpost colar clamps and they reinforce there. And so on!
      If you dont feel confortable wiht the high standards they provide, you can always ask for higher standards and the thing happens with a lot of ease.


    • Matt, I though similar with my 72g seat post but after discussions with Damia I decide to go for it. The other day I took an absolute gigantic pothole I couldn’t see (riding just behind a car) and all the hit ended-up on the saddle and though, if the post survived to this one… then it won’t ever have an issue with me.
      Once home I inspected it and had no visual damage, I brought it to work where we have Ultra sound machines for crack inspection… and nothing either.
      I guess it has a lot to do with the reduce production Darimo has, will probably be more difficult to keep the same customization level if he multiply his slaes by 5 or 10.

      • Light is not associated with lower durability. I would argue poor materials and poor craftsmenship is the larger factor.

        I have seen heavy carbon bars that were a wet noodle (salsa bar), and light carbon that was very strong (darimo).

        It comes down to engineering/design. Some of the safest cars in a crash are f1 cars. They are also very very light. But engineering and materials are top notch. Cost… yup, it is high.

        Design it right($$&), use high quality materials ($$$), and high quality construction ($$$) and you can get lighter while maintaining appropriate stiffness. Yes, physics always wins in the end, so there are always limits. But don’t think havier = stronger, lighter = weaker. There is far more nuance.

        Most mass produced bars are engineered for durability (one size fits all) and low production cost (high profit). Why use top line carbon if you can save a few bucks by using more carbon (of lower quality), and a design that is easier to produce via automation (cheaper production costs)?

        Much of engineering in ovation today is not about making things better, but rather making it faster/cheaper. A company like darimo is a gem imho. Hand made to high standards.

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