While most of us go shopping for carbon wheels, it seems that Hayes Performance Systems has been doing some shopping for a carbon wheel brand. It was announced today that Hayes has acquired Reynolds Cycling for an undisclosed sum. The move should supplement Sun Ringle’s line of aluminum wheels and rims and allow the Hayes Bicycle Group to cover the entire spectrum of wheels all the way up to the high end carbon variety.

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be any changes planned in the operation of Reynolds. Their current CEO, Scott Montgomery, is staying on board to help run the brand, and Reynolds plans to show the new ARX and AR29, 42, and 58/62 at the Taipei Cycle Show later this month. We would assume that this means we’ll eventually see new carbon options from Sun Ringle, but there seems to be no public plans for that just yet.

Also, with the announcement of the new Shimano Micro Spline from Industry Nine, Reynolds has concurrently become officially licensed to offer XTR compatible wheelsets since Industry Nine is manufacturing their hubs.




  1. Hayes, Sun Ringle not names I have seen in a while I guess if you can buy Reynolds business is okay. Still keeping my Purple Hayes for good luck in a box in the basement 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t say there there is no changes being made to operations. I personally know people at the Utah facility that were given notices that they were no longer going to have jobs. I wonder how much of the Reynolds crew will remain and if this is going to turn into a similar situation as Mongoose/Litespeed being purchased by investor groups.

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