The X-Shifter wireless shifting kit debuted in late 2016 as a way to turn any drivetrain into an electronic, wire-free group. Now, they’ve scaled back a bit, eliminating the double shifter pad for controlling a standard 2x front double chainring and sticking to only controlling the rear derailleur. They’ve also worked to reduce the size of the controller’s electronics with the goal of making it easier to integrate shift buttons into other parts…like brake levers.

X-Shifter wireless remote shifting for Shimano and SRAM 1x road mountain gravel and cyclocross bike groups

Going forward, at least for the foreseeable future, X-Shifter will be 1x only. But, they’ll be making mounts that allow their system to integrate into both road bike and mountain bike handlebars. For road, a new hood and clip will help it stick to standard drop bar brake levers. And if you opt for something like the TRP Hylex that doesn’t have paddle shifters, they should have a way for you to mount it to the lever so it’s in a familiar Di2 position.

X-Shifter wireless remote shifting for Shimano and SRAM 1x road mountain gravel and cyclocross bike groups

For mountain bikes, the new smaller remote will have zip-tie loops on the backside, so you can attach it to any tube. This adds a lot of versatility for special needs riders, hand cycles and other non-traditional bike setups. That four-button thumb pad (red) will be going away.

how to add wireless shifting to any sram or shimano mountain bike group

You’ll still be able to setup and shift the system from your smartphone.

The other big change for them is the switch to a distributor, ending their direct-to-consumer sales. Effective immediately, you’ll need to contact Ciclovation to order a kit, or have your local bike shop do it.


  1. Airless tires on

    So I am still not getting the point of this system, it offers almost none of the benefits of electronic shifting and adds complication to a cable actuated system. Never heard of that distributor so maybe they will fade into obscurity? Or they might make a way to wirelessly actuate a remote lever on a dropper post. Not a wireless dropper but a way to actuate the lever which will still have a cable but they need to use different batteries for ultimate practicality

  2. On your left on

    I emailed Ciclovation and was quoted $399 USD for XShifter, which is $100 more than they were offering it on their site. For someone like me, who can’t shift with his right hand, it provides an alternative to Di2… some savings, but not much at that price.

  3. Klaster_1 on

    As a backer, I was really disappointed by Paul’s decision to drop 2x setup in near future. Since initial announcement, I wanted to make my own mix-matched setup that would remain non-obsolete for longer than regular mechanical group set and allow to swap derailleurs/cassettes to almost whatever I pleased. I still got my 1x XShifter kit, which works OK so far, so at least no complaints here, but other backers weren’t so lucky, just check out the drama in Kickstarter project comments section. Hopefully, Paul and his new partners will be able to resolve the situation and come out with new products.

  4. XShifter on

    Yes, we are resolving all the problems. I hope everyone can have just a little more patience. The direct distribution from China, was a disaster, to be honest. I had no idea how to do it, and made a lot of mistakes. Now I’ve got an awesome partner that will help with everything. Its just taking a little time.

    To be clear, there is still a 2X kit. But its 2 individual shifters, not 2 in 1 housing. Instead of the dual shifter, we decided its much better to have 2 singles. Once we get the production and distribution ramped up, everyone that ordered the dual will get 2 singles. We are putting effort now into significantly reducing the size and weight of the single. It will be a very elegant solution. Stay tuned.

    This system does in fact solve some problems. Especially on hand cycles and so on. We have voice shifting and are testing large body buttons that can shift with the elbow or chin.

    One key point that everyone misses. Now you cannot mix systems on new road bike with hydraulic brakes. If you have brand S gears, you need brand S hoods and brakes. XShifter changes all that. Soon there will be multiple options available to get the brake of your choice on the bike. This will be good for the industry by creating competition.

    And again, we apologize for all the problems. I promise this will all be resolved, and worth the wait.

    • Dylan MacDonald on

      You could at least email all of your customers such as myself who have been waiting months to receive their orders. I have emailed several times without receiving any reply at all I had no idea until I read the above that my requested 2x setup will be changing – or even that my order was being processed at all. Bad distribution is one thing. There is no excuse for poor communication. Hire an intern for a week to answer your email backlog. Come on.

    • David R. on

      “Now you cannot mix systems on new road bike with hydraulic brakes. If you have brand S gears, you need brand S hoods and brakes…” –> Not quite true. I roll with TRP HyLex SS hydro brakes — awesome design — and Shimano Di2 shifting using Di2 climber and sprinter switches for multi hand position shifting on my Turner Cyclosys CX bike. WAY better than stock IMO.

  5. Dylan Sutton on

    If the price is $399 as posted above, it’s a killer for me. I’m currently running flat bars with a Shimano 10sp MTB group and would love to swap to drop bars. But by the time I buy drop bar levers and add $399 for this, I may as have well have bought a complete Ultegra 6800 road hydro groupset off Merlin. I’d lose my clutch rear derailleur, but we all managed fine without them for decades even off-road.

  6. stibinator on

    Whatever you do, don’t give any money to this crowd. Look at the XShifter Facebook page if you want to see a huge number of ripped off kickstrarter backers, and people who ordered online never to receive any product from them. They have no qualms about taking your money and running. It may have been a good idea, but the business is being run by scammers.


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