Who’s ready for a new crankset? Enter below and be one of two lucky winners to take home a brand new lightweight alloy crankset from ROTOR Components, for road, gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike, complete with a 1x chainring in the size of your choice. Here’s what you could win:

ALDHU: Take control of your crankset with total modularity at a minimum weight with ROTOR’s ALDHU cranks. These streamlined cranks combine an innovative modular structure with top-tier 7075-aeronautic grade aluminum, allowing you to pick the perfect crank length, axle width, and chainrings for a fully custom ride. Pair them with round or oval Q rings to get the most out of every pedal stroke. MSRP $490 (crank arms, axle, and 1x DM chainring of your choice)

KAPIC: ROTOR’s Kapic crankset is an innovative modular crankset that brings stiffness and power to your mountain bike, without the weight penalty. Crafted using CNC machined 7075-aeronatic grade aluminum, KAPIC cranks are built with precision in mind, delivering reliable rigidity to get you through wily rock gardens and root-latticed climbs alike. And because the cranks are modular you can pick boost or standard axle spacing, along with round or oval Q rings to keep your tires locked to the ground when you put the power down. – MSRP $400.00 (crank arms, axle, and 1x DM chainring of your choice)

Check out www.rotoramerica.com for more information!

Just fill in the quick four-question survey below to enter to WIN 1 of 2 cranksets being given away!

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SURVEY CONTEST RULES: By submitting your response, you agree to these rules, terms & conditions: Only one entry per person. Multiple entries from same person will disqualify that person. All participants must provide a valid email address, as that is how Rotor America will contact the winners. All entrants’ email addresses may be added to the email newsletter/marketing lists for Bikerumor.com and Rotor America. Any emails sent from either party will contain “unsubscribe” options. Contest closes at midnight (11:59:59pm) PST on Saturday, December 1st, 2018. Winners will be selected at random and results are final. Winners will have one week from the date of notification of winning to respond, after which Rotor America and/or Bikerumor.com reserves the right to choose an alternate winner.


  1. Looking for a few more details on the Kapic crank because I’m honestly interested and in the market for new cranks, not even on the website linked. #winning

    Is it just a material change from the Rex 1.1?

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