Nicolai has earned their reputation for pushing the limits of geometry and adjustability, but with the G1, they’re taking it to the next level. Their latest enduro build allows you to choose between 27.5 or 29″ wheels, but it also allows you to choose chainstay length, bottom bracket height, and head tube angle with their different ‘Mutators’. Of course, you can change the amount of suspension travel as well…

Nicolai G1 is basically an enduro Transformer with your choice of wheels

Most of the convertible magic comes from the Mutators – either at the chainstay/seatstay junction or at the seatstay/rocker mount. At the chainstay, the Mutator allows you to change the length of the stays with three different length Mutators (33, 41, and 47mm). This allows you to play with chainstay length if you’re running a smaller frame, but also allows the larger frames to run longer stays from the start.

A similar concept is used at the rocker mount, with their Compression-Strut-Mutator in 3.5, 6.5, 10, 12, and 15mm lengths. This opens up a ton of options for different wheel sizes and shock lengths, which is why Nicolai says changes should only be made by a specialist. Using the wrong combination of parts could cause major issues.

All of this plays into the Nicolai Geometron concept which relies on short stems, long reach, steep seat tube angles, and a long wheelbase.

Nicolai G1 is basically an enduro Transformer with your choice of wheels

On the rocker itself, you have two suspension mounting positions which result in 162mm or 175mm of rear travel. All of the components are CNC machined, and the frame is made from high tensile strength 7020-T6 aluminum and made in Germany.

Nicolai G1 is basically an enduro Transformer with your choice of wheels

Further, the frame includes a bespoke shock for the G1 from EXT. The longer 230 x 65 Metric shock is said to offer better small bump compliance and excellent ride feel out of the coil shocks.

Nicolai G1 is basically an enduro Transformer with your choice of wheels

Now that Nicolai bikes are available through Cycle Monkey in the U.S., it’s easier than ever to get your hands on one stateside. The G1 will be available in 27.5 or 29″ builds, with the frame only (no shock) starting at €2,699 and the EXT shock adding €950, or you can get it with a Fox shock for €799. Complete builds start at €5,999.


  1. i on

    I like how they’ll get you an EXT that retails for $800 for 950, or a Fox that retails for $650 (that you could get for $500 if you looked around) for only 800. Before anyone says it, that’s more than VAT.

    I like the frame, or I would like to like the frame, but it’s really pricey for an AL frame, and the shock options are dishonest.


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