Want to guarantee your bike will stand out at the trailhead? These two extremely limited options will make sure of that – and not just because they’re both bright red. If you’ve earned the title of hypebeast, or are just a Sriracha super fan, these hot new options should be pretty tasty. Assuming you can find one.

Red Hot Customs: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon & Sriracha inspired Orbea OIZ

When it comes to branding for the sake of branding, no one does it better than Supreme. The company literally slaps their name on just about anything, sells it for a fairly high amount, and then the aftermarket prices skyrocket as devoted fans try to add to their red-clad collections. Their branding is so pervasive that it’s inspired youtube legends like Tabasko Sweet to offer tutorials on how to make your own DIY Supreme Branded products like their infamous brick. Just remember, no dead giveaways.

However, if you want the real thing, you might be able to get your hands on the new Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon. It’s like a normal Chameleon, but like, with red paint and a Supreme logo on the downtube. Part of their Fall/Winter 2018 collection, the complete bike is built with 27.5″ wheels and tires, a SRAM 1x drivetrain, Rock Shox suspension, Race Face Aeffect cranks with Chester pedals, and SRAM Level brakes. Supreme doesn’t list a retail price, but it’s reportedly somewhere around $2,500. That’s if you can actually find one in the store. Apparently something like 100 models were made for Supreme stores, but it’s far more likely that if you want one you’ll have to resort to buying it off eBay – for a substantial upcharge. There are two currently listed for a whopping $9,999.88 or $15,000. For that price, you’d be far better off calling up your boy Nate AKA Tabasko Sweet and figuring out how to paint a standard Chameleon yourself for some DIY clout.


Red Hot Customs: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon & Sriracha inspired Orbea OIZ

This limited edition Orbea OIZ with a Sriracha themed paint job probably won’t be much easier to cop, but at least it carries the same price tag as other MyO custom Orbeas.

Red Hot Customs: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon & Sriracha inspired Orbea OIZ Red Hot Customs: Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon & Sriracha inspired Orbea OIZ

Dripping in Sriracha red and topped with green accents, the bike is playful take on one of our favorite hot chili sauces. Limited to just five bikes, the Sriracha OIZ is available as a frame only for $3,499. We’re told that if you want to order your own, you should (quickly) head to your local Orbea dealer.



    • Half those hits gotta be from cats walking on keyboards. I’ll admit to watching a Lil Debbie video all the way through, but I didn’t last 10 seconds watching that legend.

  1. 1. If this is irony, it is lost on me. I officially feel both old and out of touch. 2. I’m ok with both. 3. Somehow, this diminishes my respect… for Santa Cruz.

  2. The Orbea frame looks awesome but the fork decals need to be green not orange and I would have put on tyres with white graphics like Schwalbe to match the frame decals. Then it would look awesome. As it is it’s good but not super cool.

    No idea who Supreme is. Looks a bit lame to me.

    • Don’t feel bad. I learned about them last week from the netflix show “Patriot Act” Basicly it’s this “street ware meets high fashion” company that makes very limited amount of different prints/shirts/etc. They will slap their name on something (not limited to just hoodies, but also a brick and a crow bar) and people will line up for hours to get their hands on it. Because it has some sort of cache (to someone I guess) people will spend way more than the original price for the exclusivity. Its Capitalism/Keeping up with the Joan’s at the worst.

  3. I’m surprised they chose the chameleon and not the highball cc. I can see how they wanted to keep it a hardtail but the chameleons a basic aluminum hardtail at its heart and no-way-in-hell would i pay that much for it…A new CC highball with that sexy chainstay and new geo. is another story

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