Trek and Bontrager’s updated Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program now covers all damage to carbon wheels within the first 2 years of ownership, a guarantee meant to put any consumer at ease. The program goes into effect immediately and covers all stock or aftermarket purchases made within the last two years. The update also offers discounted rebuilds or replacements for all original owners, regardless of purchase date which extends past the first two years. Bontrager has provided policy details and costs of repairs and replacements for current wheel models here.

Bontrager Wheels Product Manager, Graham Wilhelm, affirms that, “Wheels take a lot of punishment [and] riders want the assurance that if something does go wrong, they haven’t wasted their money. With Bontrager, you get confidence in your purchase along with the amazing performance of our carbon wheels.”

Bontrager now offers Two-Year, No-Cost Replacements for carbon wheel owners

It’s worth noting that Bontrager already backs all of their products with an Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee which allows for refunds or exchanges within 30 days of the original purchase, if unsatisfied. The brand also offers free replacement of any Bontrager helmet if it’s impacted in the first year under the Bontrager Crash Replacement Guarantee.

Bontrager offers a number of tubeless-ready carbon wheel models, both road and mountain, at prices ranging from $314.99 to $1249.99, and with the new Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty program, it’s easier than ever to upgrade to carbon. For full spec lists and features, check out their extensive carbon wheel lineup here.


  1. Reynolds offers a life-time replacement from any damage from riding, racing, etc already. Plus they have a 30 day return policy already and have had that for a year already. Love my Reynolds with the I9 torch hubs. really nothing Trek is doing is new.

    • About Reynolds, are you talking about RAP? If so it’s not a lifetime warranty, they replace once (the one time they replaced for me they ended up taking 6 weeks and sent me a wheel with a crack in it) they also will push everything into a RAP claim despite some obvious mfg defects. I had a new Reynolds rim come apart at a joint and they forced me to do a RAP claim or pay them 500 bucks for a new rim.

      • Well my experiences have been nothing like that. Have a set or AERO 46 that I crashed on pretty hard. Shipped them back and with in two weeks had a new set of wheels. Not talking RAP either. I did not purchase the extra protection just the standard warranty that Reynolds was offering. Not sure when your issue occurred but mine was in the past year and I could not have been happier with Reynolds. In fact in the 5 or sets of Reynolds I have owned I could not have been happier.

    • @Dave Bontrager has had a 30 day Unconditional Bontrager Guarantee on everything they make for at least the past 4 years that I know of. Furthermore I think it’s great that they’ve added the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program that now covers all damage to carbon wheels within the first 2 years and made it retroactive to all current owners!!
      Yes some others have have great programs too, so the more the merrier!! Certainly not every brand does this.

      I’m absolutely considering some of their mountain ones now.

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