The original Speedvagen VX07 kicked off builder Sacha White’s side project 11 years ago. At the time, his Vanilla Workshop custom bike wait times had pushed past a couple years. Speedvagen was born as a way to provide his design aesthetic and build quality to a wider audience, more quickly and in higher numbers, helping to alleviate the demand for full custom bikes. Fast forward and it’s grown into a proper brand of its own making some mighty fine road and cyclocross bikes.

limited edition replica Speedvagen VX07 singlespeed cyclocross bike

limited edition replica Speedvagen VX07 singlespeed cyclocross bike

The original model was the VX07, a stripped down, race-ready singlespeed cyclocross bike ready to toe the line right outta the box. To celebrate their 11th anniversary, they’re making exactly 11 replicas. For $7,495 each. And they’ll be built custom to fit the rider.

limited edition replica Speedvagen VX07 singlespeed cyclocross bike

limited edition replica Speedvagen VX07 singlespeed cyclocross bike

Like all of Vanilla’s bikes, these will feature an insane attention to detail and pristine finishing touches and clever integrations like the pass-through brake cables.

limited edition replica Speedvagen VX07 singlespeed cyclocross bike

The complete build specs include:

  • Fork: Enve Canti CX
  • Wheels: DEEEEP Enve Rims with Chris King R45 hubs
  • Tires: Donnelly Tubless PDX
  • Brakes: Paul Neo Retro Front / Paul Touring Canti Rear
  • Saddle: Fabric Scoop Ti rails
  • Stem: Built In House Integrated CK dust cap & cable hanger stem.
  • Bar: Enve
  • Seat post head: Enve
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Bottom Bracket: White Industries
  • Crankset: White Industries

The frame will have all of the features of their standard Speedvagen frame, like an integrated seatmast and super light steel tubing. Only 11 total Custom Completes will be produced, no paint or part changes are allowed. To get on the list, hit that link below and be ready to part with a $1,000 deposit. If there are any left.


  1. Let’s see, steel is less than $1/lb even with the Trump tariffs and this is a SS bike (limited drivetrain components with canti brakes to boot). I see at most $4k retail (that’s being generous) with the bulk of that being the Enve wheels and components, good luck with unloading 11 of them.

    • Children should be seen, not heard. What a disrespect thing to say when you know nothing about Speedvagen?? Really kid, why would you post such? This guy is a legit craftsman and one of the most respected frame builders in the world.

      Grow up.

        • Then why bring up an irrelevant price?
          I don’t like this as it’s just makes sense to go custom. Whether you like Speedvagen or not one has to at least concede they make nice frames with a high attention to detail.
          Btw – steel can make very nice frames. Maybe not Uber lightweight but exceedingly good riding while still be light.

          • How is it irrelevant, it is the raw material from which the tubing is drawn? I have looked on the Speedvagen website, the frames are very nice with alot of attention to detail but my opinion is that steel should not warrant a $4k price tag for a frame, not even a custom frame. For a similar price you can get custom Ti which has a few material benefts over steel.

            • Things aren’t priced based on what they “warrant” (which for a non-essential item is completely subjective).

              I’ll bet you this. If everyone has your stance, the price will drop.

              Also – Ti is different than steel. It has a different elastic modulus. It can ultimately never feel the same, for better or worse. Same with any material. It may be negligible to some, but it’s there. Ti is “better” than steel, its just different and each consumer will decide what they want.

                • Agree with most of what you wrote JBikes, but I did preface “warrant the $4K price” with “in my opinion. Ti is different and I came at it from the perspective that Ti has a lower density and doesn’t oxidize (so it doesn’t need paint). Ti can be a lifetime frame, (lack of industry standardization not withstanding) I would not view steel in the same light. Cool paint looks nice but I’d eventually tire of it. Ti looks industrial and doesn’t need to be dressed up. I’ve always liked the simplicity of a Ti frame with that grey finish. Ti as a raw material has a far higher cost than steel, yet I can get custom frames in the same price range as a Speedvagen. That was my point.

                  • “Ti can be a lifetime frame, ” Yeah OK. So why have I broken 3 Ti frames, but never a steel frame? Ti is over-rated imo, under-durable unless you pay for a premium custom work, and good steel frames ride just as well – they’re only inferior to the weight-weenies. I wouldn’t pay $4k for a Speedvagen tbh but I’m glad there’s a market for steel bikes at every level.

  2. That’s like comparing the current price of ground chuck at the local Safeway to the price of a dry aged Wagyu steak at the finest steakhouse in town.

  3. It’s a work of art, but still overpriced. If I were spending that kind of money, I’d want a choice in components and paint. Maybe $5K with candy apple red paint, polished Paul disc brakes, and polished rims (not carbon, not aero). Why do you need carbon aero rims on a cyclocross bike? At least it doesn’t have gum (tan?) wall tires…

    • you’ve hit the root of things. This thing is a fashion statement. The equivalent of a Prada hand bag. Super sophisticated, and equally pointless.

  4. I built something similar for myself (without single speed). But boy, since everybody is going for disc now, it is difficult to find good road/cx frames with canti brake mounts. However, the new bike is going great and it grabs more attention than those carbon disc aero bikes for sure.

  5. many deleted comments, not sure why. Most of the insults are being handed out by the defenders. I don’t think Sacha needs anyone defending him, he seems to be doing just fine.

  6. I agree, it is quite expensive for most people, but at 11 units total, it’s not made for most people. At the end of the day, a bike is worth what people will pay for it and I don’t think these will hang around long.

  7. Those seat stays are horrible horrible and when used with those out of date brakes they reduce your braking power.
    Also wtf is the rear brake cable going through the seat tube? nice way to cut a groove into your over priced frame.
    But I’m sure its lovely.

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