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2019 Rockshox Deluxe & Super Deluxe get faster, plus improved rebound controls

2019 Rockshox Super Deluxe rear shock upgraded with new internals for lower friction
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Matching the upgraded performance of their new forks, the Rockshox Deluxe and Super Deluxe rear shocks go under the microscope to gain incremental improvements that should add up to big gains in small bump performance.

The main update these two shocks concern their manufacturing process to make the air sleeve more perfectly cylindrical. The goal was to make the current platform better by making things more perfectly round, which would reduce friction. So, they developed new, proprietary measuring tools that allowed them to map out the interior surfaces more completely and find areas where it could be optimized.

2019 Rockshox Deluxe and Super Deluxe air spring rear shocks

That led to new manufacturing tools and processes, which led them to improving the internal surface finishing process. That lets it hold oil better where the piston and can slide across each other, so it stays smoother.

Next, they refined the process for making the dimple that lets air transfer from positive to negative air chambers. The original process was simply like punching a hole into the metal, a movement that could alter the roundness of the can…basically denting it. The new method required a new tool that’s more like a router and effectively machines the dimple out. They say it’s now much more uniform, and there are three dimples instead of two, all perfectly matched and leaving the rest of the can perfectly round. And you won’t seem them on the outside of the can anymore.

Improved rebound controls

For these two and the Super Deluxe Coil, the rebound damping tunes have been modified to open up the range for a more open “open” and slower “slow”. Plus, the increments for each click are more uniform now, making it easier to know how each click will change performance. The middle position is now a true middle setting equally between the most open and firm settings.

All three are available in April, pricing as follows:

  • Deluxe RT3: $409 / €439* / £389*
  • Super Deluxe RC3: $529 / €589* / £529*
  • Super Deluxe RCT: $579 / €639* / £569*
  • Super Deluxe Coil RCT: $549 / €609* / £549*
  • Super Deluxe Coil RT Remote: $599 / €659* / £589*

*includes VAT



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5 years ago

Question. Is it marketing gimmick or a real thing? Is friction in the air chamber so big that increase in volume of negative air chamber is really needed? In my humble opinion it doesn’t change much. Lyric is supposed to be targeted to people that shred. What is needed is MUCH more support in the mid stroke. And single air chamber forks are just not the right tools to do that. For me adding AWK to my fox 36 was THE change. The only problem left was that 36 is way overdamped (compression) to overcome poor mid stroke support. Fixed that with MST tuning (those two things should be sold together ONLY in my opinion). Going through rock gardens and roots is now just so much more smooth and safe. Why on earth do I need more “small” bump compliance in an enduro/freeride fork?

4 years ago
Reply to  goroncy

Hi Goroncy, interesting ideas. I’m new to MTB, could you please explain what AWK and MST means and where to get it?

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