Wasting no time at all, SLF Motion is spinning up for the new year with an all new take on their Oversize Hyper Speed System. Launched last January, the Hyper Speed System was SLF’s answer to a complete pulley system that built on their history of making ultra fast Hyper Pulley wheels. Now, that complete system has been reworked in carbon with new features, but it’s also joined by another pulley system – the Midsize Hyper Crit.

SLF Motion V2 Hyper Speed System gets even faster, plus Midsize Hyper Crit, more

Moving forward, the Oversize Hyper Speed System will rely on a U.S. made carbon cage that is said to drop the weight by 15% depending on the model. The redesigned system also includes different spring tension settings in a cage that is said to be more durable with increased stiffness. All V2 Hyper Speed systems will be sold with a 14/18t pulley wheel combination which SLF Motion claims is the “ideal combination of reduced friction, ease of installation/setup, and repeatable precise shifting.” The cages are compatible with 32t cassettes, and bearing performance is apparently better as well. Available for Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo derailleurs with six different color options for the pulley wheels, the separate models are being offered through a pre-order for $485, with delivery starting in March.

SLF Motion V2 Hyper Speed System gets even faster, plus Midsize Hyper Crit, more

The Midsize Hyper Crit System is essentially the same as the Oversized V2 system, with the exception of a smaller 14t lower cog. The smaller lower cog is reported to be better for hard shifting and close encounters common with crit racing. The 14/14t combination will be offered for SRAM and Shimano derailleurs – though the SRAM system is compatible with eTap derailleurs only. Otherwise, the Midsize system uses the same U.S. made carbon cage, with high end pulleys and will sell for $425 with the same colorful options for pulleys.

SLF Motion V2 Hyper Speed System gets even faster, plus Midsize Hyper Crit, more

Finally, the pulley wheels themselves have been updated with aluminum or titanium versions and hybrid ceramic bearings with coated races. The pulley wheels are available in 11, 12, or 14t versions to fit various road and mountain derailleurs and start at $195.

Already have some SLF Motion products and looking to upgrade? The company has also announced their new Trade in/Trade up program which will snag you an $80 – $175 credit on new products depending on your trade in.



  1. $465 for a product that offers nothing except questionable looks is… bold. Also – the blue 18T jockey wheel on one of the pictures is backward.

  2. While the cost is kind of silly and I don’t need marginal gains the concept of larger pulley wheels makes sense and it would be nice to see Shimango Campanoglos and ScRAM start doing more derailleurs with larger jockey wheels in their nicer gruppos and not just bottom end Altus/Tourney for Shimango.

    They don’t need to be $400+ dollar things for just the pulley wheels but same price as like a DA or Ultegra pulley now

    • Yeah, it’s weird to me that oversized pulleys exist only at the extreme high end and low end of the market. Its a little like the way the “direct mount” derailleurs trickled up from Tourney. I’d love to have a “straight talk” conversation over some sake with a shimano pulley engineer and drivetrain product manager to get their actual thought process on the various designs that end up coming to market.

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