Carbon cranks are great. Foot rub on carbon cranks? Not so much. If you tend to rub your shoes on your cranks like you’re trying to start a fire, the new AMS Honeycomb Crank Guards could be the answer.

All Mountain Style Honeycomb Crank Guard is stick-on protection for road & MTB

Expanding on their current offering of Honeycomb Bike Guards, the Crank Guards use the same semi-rigid PVC material which is said to increase impact resistance while protecting against rubbing.

All Mountain Style Honeycomb Crank Guard is stick-on protection for road & MTB

Made from a clear material with minimal logos, the Crank Guards are designed to let the original look of the crank arms show through. While the adhesive pieces should provide a good deal of added protection, they’re small on weight at 8g. Note that these will not protect the ends of your cranks, just the side.

The skins are said to be easy to install and can be repositioned during the install if needed. Designed and made in Barcelona, the guards should fit most cranks including road and MTB, and sell for €18 a set.


  1. Unshaven Hugger on

    Buy black aluminum cranks. Get to know that it weights the same as … aluminum cranks :D. Complain that you have foot rub and pedal strikes. Buy protection just to get to know that the weight is more than aluminum cranks. Cry over your friends new titanium cranks from Cane Creek. (deleted).

  2. Gashman1 on

    These are awesome. I cant wait until they come out with a version for enduro bikes. I wonder if I could buy “all mountain style” cranks, do a swap and then use these stickers? Does anyone know if all mountain cranks will fit on my enduro bike? I’m soo kicking myself for not just buying an all mountain bike to begin with….ugh


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