Did you make a resolution to get a new bike this year? Well, if “new to you” qualifies as “new”, then check out the Alchemy demo bike sale and nab a road, gravel, cyclocross or mountain bike or frameset for up to 60% off retail. The list includes show bikes, too, which likely have next to no miles on them…and with sick builds of top level components.

alchemy bicycles demo bike sale lets you get a lightly used carbon road gravel cyclocross or mountain bike for a huge discount

Above is just a sampling. For the complete list, click here. As of this post, there were 17 bikes or frames available in a wide range of sizes, including a few of their titanium models. No, there aren’t any of their special 10 Year Anniversary road bikes on the list.


    • Fortunately there is no absolute standard by which to judge what is a good deal and what isn’t. That means everyone gets to decide for themselves, you included, Bob. If this doesn’t seem like a good deal to you, then you probably shouldn’t buy one of these frames.

      • THIS.

        If you don’t like the price, then go buy a Giant TCR or something. Not all things are created equal. I swear the retail bike industry holds some of the most obnoxious internet couch potato commentators.

      • Yeah it’s like if 10 years ago you bought a $3k+ carbon frameset knowing it really wasn’t a good deal, but you wanted to feel special… like a young dentist with dreams of winning a bicycle race on the lightest, fastest, most expensive carbon frameset with really cool red & white speedy looking graphics… you could totally convince yourself that it was a good deal for the next decade…
        I know, sounds a bit ridiculous when you think about it, but I’m sure it happens all the time

  1. It’s getting close to ten years since I paid $3145 for frame + fork (Seven) — I’ve never regretted it, and never will. If you have the money, and you love to ride, take a test ride on a really great bike, and you might change your mind about what it’s worth.

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