The current hour record for men is held by Sir Bradley Wiggins with a distance of 54.526km (33.881 miles), set on June 7, 2015. For women, it’s held by Vittoria Bussi with a distance of 48.007km (29.83 miles), set on September 13, 2018. Now, Wired explores the power output required and other physical fitness math (as well as some equipment selection) to see if humans are ever going to be capable of cracking 60km in one hour.

Because science.

Check out the full article on, which dives into some of the how, why and what of the current hour record attempts and tech. And you can dig into the history of the hour record on Wikipedia here.


  1. I went to read the linked article, but disappointingly it was all “uci this, uci that” and not a ingle mention of faired recumbents. Wikipedia lists results well into 80km, so the title statement is misleading at best.

  2. fake news!
    humans can pretty easily ride 60K in an hour on a bike. the problem is doing on it a bike configured to certain rules. the rules could be changed to make 30K impossible, too.
    define the”legal” bike as three wheels with the front wheel no larger than 10 inches and directly connected to the pedals with a total overall bike height of no more than 24 inches. let’s see how many K Wiggo can crank out on that puppy.
    meanwhile, i’m so tired of reading self-centered, self-important I-I-I stories posing as journalism that i’m boycotting Bike Rumor for a while for baiting me into reading that piece of shit. i actually went there thinking it was going to contain something more informative than a six-year-old’s knowledge of aerodynamics and wattage.

  3. There has never been consistent rules . The UCI seem to adopt in a lot of cases will gain them the most publicity and gain them back door profits .

  4. Not one mention of “gravel” here… What’s going on? Are “UCI 60km per hour” bikes the new “gravel bikes”??

  5. I didn’t realize the hour record struck a nervenwith so many people… I saw the video. Well done and pretty interesting. The host appears pretty comfortable. Maybe not a cyclist but rather a triathlete?

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