Wisconsin-based Trek knows a thing or two about custom paint jobs – just look at their successful Project One custom program. Recently, they upped the ante by adding six premium ICON paint schemes for their custom road line in 2018, and Trek announced today that these are also available on the mountain bike side of things – starting now.


Trek Project One ICON hits the dirt

Three Trek mountain bikes are now a part of the premium ICON program: the Top Fuel, Fuel EX, and Procaliber. This adds to the existing road lineup of the Madone SLR, Domane SLR, Emonda SLR, and Speed Concept. There are six ICON-specific paint options, each showcasing a different execution of gloss, flake, and depth.

Let’s check out out the different options.

Black Gold

Their words: “Up close, the Black Gold paint scheme is as classy as a tuxedo. From a distance, the metallic flake and the raised dimensional logos give it a golden texture and depth.”


Prismatic Pearl

“Is every one of your rides a vision quest? Prismatic Pearl is a psychedelic, mind-bending paint scheme on a different plane of consciousness. It morphs in changing light to show every color and shade in the rainbow.”


Chrome Tour

“Chrome Tour is the ICON scheme of choice for Trek-Segafredo’s Tour de France professional race team. Its multi-dimensional pearly white base color is complemented with oversized chrome red and black team logos.”


Brushed Liquid Metal

“No two Brushed Liquid Metal paint schemes are alike. Beneath the glossy finish, the unique hand-scuffed undercoat has an industrial character with a deep, smoky tint. Available on Project One road, mountain, and tri bikes.”


Candy Emerald Green

“This is a scheme worthy of envy. It has a high-gloss finish, double green tint, and dual candy green tonal logos. Green means ‘go,’ but this green scheme means ‘go fast.'”



Their words: “Refliptive is new twist on a coveted scheme of cycling’s past. Shades of amethyst and bright green flip to purple in changing light like a mood ring (if you’re always in a good mood). This scheme also features reflective logos.”

This one is too cool to show a picture of – only a video does it justice.

Trek is also running a limited-time promotion until January 31, 2019, covering the cost of a custom paint upgrade, or up to $500 towards a premium ICON paint scheme. Check out the link below to learn more, and Trek will cover the shipping to your local shop.



    • Believe it or not, some rich guys and gals do actually ride their bikes. I live and work in a very wealthy area and we have a lot of hardcore riders on $10k+ bikes.

    • You sound bitter and jealous. And I’m not a dentist. That being said, I like the Chrome Tour example (white with red lettering).

      • call me bitter and jealous all you want, I like to think if I had so much money that I couldn’t think of something better to do with $>500 than paint a bike (and a Trek, no less. The yawn of bikes), I’d just give it away or something. I’m sure someone could make better use of that money than the guy who spends it on a semi-custom paintjob on a Trek.

        The kind of vanity that makes a plain bike unacceptable makes no sense to me.

        • I used to train with a guy was was Cat1 pro – back in the USCF and ABR days. He was STRONG and had at the time an amazing bike (want to say it was a Kestrel 4000 but that would be mistaken.

          He would show up at the race with an old Trek 2300 carbon bike, grey socks that used to be white with no elastic at all. Hairy legs like an ape….often would put his helmet on backwards until corrected….then go out and win the race (One Day Road/Crit).

          He had a few bikes he could be vain with – but, on race day he would race (and win) on a bike no one would assume anything of (plus, if you were to scratch your fancy paint sliding a corner with a few ‘friends’ at a crit…well, that would really ruin your day.

        • I wouldn’t say a Stache or Full Stache at least are yawns- not so long ago, they would have been concept bikes. But yeah, overall, Treks are pretty boring.

    • Hey there Bob, simple rule for life, no matter how good or tough you think you are, there are any number of people riding these fancy bikes that could destroy you on a bike. And they may or may not give a sh_t about it. Best stand back and let people appreciate what they like without casting the aspersions.

  1. I cringe thinking about taking one of those beautiful paint jobs into the woods. My Trek MTB is already carved up from numerous crashes.

  2. Has everyone complaining about the price of a custom MTB paint job and the people who buy them completely missed the fact that if you order before the end of the month, it’s FREE? Would I take a custom paint job on a mountain bike for free if I was already planning on buying the bike? Of course.

  3. One of the reason’s (there are others) I’ve stayed away from Trek bikes is that they almost always so dull in their paint jobs (I road and mountain bike). But I’m not incline to pay them and extra $500 to give me a color I like. I’m of the opinion that you want me to pay a premium price to begin with for a bicycle (thousands in most cases), then you (in this case Trek) can give me a color I want. If not, I will go with someone who has a color I like. Big box store bikes often look better than most of Trek’s bikes and they are cheap.

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