Swiss Side boasts an impressive résumé, partnering with DT Swiss for their manufacturing, and setting a world record under triathlete Patrick Lange at the Ironman World Championship. For 2019, they’ve announced a year-long 15% discount to their entire line of Hadron carbon wheels – making aero more accessible than ever.


2019 Swiss Side Hadron Carbon Wheels

We’re no stranger to the Swiss Side Hadron lineup, which are available in two levels – Classic and Ultimate – AND for both rim and disc brakes. Why the price cut?

“We are extremely proud of the high-end and top-performing products we bring to the cycling community,” says CEO and Swiss Side co-founder Jean-Paul Ballard. “We want to make high performance carbon aero wheels more accessible than ever and share the excitement of riding our record breaking products with as many as possible. Therefore, we have decided to offer a 15% discount all year, every day in 2019!”

(Almost) all of them are available in three rim depths: 48.5, 62.5, and 80mm. The one exception is the Hadron Classic disc brake, which is not available in 80mm depth. If you’re confused, this matrix shows the disc brake options…


…while this one covers your rim brake choices:


Hadron Classic wheels use a traditional J-bend spokes and DT Swiss 370 hubs.


Hadron Ultimate wheels have straight-pull DT Swiss 240 hubs, and even a SINC ceramic bearing upgrade for 2019.


Just how much money can you save? Hadron Ultimate wheels are now €1868 including the ceramic bearing upgrade. Hadron Classic wheels are €1358. Both prices levels include 19% VAT for Germany. If you’re after high-value aero, check out Swiss Side at the link below.


  1. Eli on

    Are the disc rims just the rim brake rims without the braking track or are they really disc specific? (tradeoffs in rim design to support rim brakes that disc rims don’t need)

    • Ettore on

      These hadron wheels are what the DT Swiss ARCs are based on. They share their shape. Would be kinda dumb if DT Swiss took a Swiss Side profile for a disc brake rim that Swiss Side themselves wouldn’t produce..

  2. Gillis on

    “We’re no stranger to the Swiss Side Hadron lineup”

    But have you ridden them? Let’s get a real world review! (because frankly all that marketing talk does nothing for me, nor the internal nipples.)


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