One of the key elements of the new Rotor 1×13 groupset is its modularity. With only a single rear derailleur, four 13-speed cassette options, and a single rear hub, you can mix-and-match with the remaining components out of Rotor’s existing offerings to build your complete lightweight hydraulic shifting & braking drop bar bike. Plus, you can even opt for four 12-speed cassette options to keep the initial cost down even lower…

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

Rotor has predetermined four standard kits at retail launch that will suit the four most likely types of rider that will want to put 1×13 on their road, gravel, or cross bikes. Each gives you the flexibility to pick the gear ratio you need, and all of the benefits of tight gearing spacing, smooth cadence steps, light weight, single ring simplicity & reliability.

Rotor 1×13 Ultimate Performance kit

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

For competitive riders who track their performance and that are looking for climbing capacity with a lighter, more aero, and reliable groupset than the traditional 2×11 set-up.  The perfect choice for those looking to enhance your cycling performance with the most sophisticated power meter in the market.

This $4900 / 4500€ kit includes all of the new 1×13 group, plus a Rotor 2INpower direct-mount road power meter crankset with a direct mount chainring, and a new set of carbon wheels with the 13-speed compatible Rotor Rvolver hubs.

Rotor 1×13 Super Light kit

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

For high performance riders who want a super light ride for sprints, attacks, mountain passes and high-speed descents with an optimized gear sequencing for demanding climbs. Disc brake designed high-performance carbon wheels a Super Light experience that will exceed all your expectations in lightness and maximum performance.

This $3800 / 3450€ Super Light kit gets all of the same new 1×13 group components and the carbon Rvolver-equipped wheels, but swaps in a simple & light ALDHU direct-mount road crankset (NO power meter).

Rotor 1×13 Adventure kit

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

For competitive cyclists who want a light and reliable hydraulic system with an optimized gear sequencing and wheels built for comfort and durability. 1×13 has been designed to strike the perfect balance between lightness, precision and durability with aluminum wheels to withstand the most demanding pedaling conditions.”

This $2800 / 2600€ Adventure kit brings cost down a big step again, with the complete 1×13 group & ALDHU direct-mount cranks, but with an aluminum set of Rvolver-equipped wheels for 13-speed.

Rotor 1×13 Compatible kit

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

For cyclists who want to upgrade their current transmission with a reliable hydraulic 1x system and the option to easily upgrade your hubs, wheels and cassette to 13s at a later stage. 1×12 is the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform and our affordable 1×12 cassettes offer you a gear range similar to 2×11 with a lighter, more aero and reliable combination without changing chainrings at any time.

Lastly, the 1×13 Compatible kit for $2200 / 2000€ isn’t actually 13-speed at all. It includes the shift/brake setup, 1×13 derailleur & alloy ALDHU cranks, but gets a 12-speed cassette that will fit on your existing wheelset. Then if you want to go 13-speed down the road, you can always swap in the 13-speed cassette once you buy a compatible wheelset (or rear hub.)

Rotor 1×13 individual component costs

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

Components MSRP
Righthand shift/brakeset (shift/brake lever, rear derailleur, brake caliper, rotor & hardware) $1350 / 1230€
Lefthand brakeset (lever, caliper, rotor & hardware) $480 /438€
12sp cassette 11-36 / 11-39 $365 / 334€
12sp cassette 11-46 / 11-52 $365 / 350€
13sp cassette 10-36 / 10-39 $415 /380€
13sp cassette 10-46 / 10-52 $415 / 400€
12sp/13sp KMC chain $60 / 55€
Rotor DM chainrings from $115 / 115€
2INpower direct-mount road power meter crankset $1400 / 1300€
ALDHU crankset + standard axle $300+60 / 250+50€
Rvolver 1×13 centerlock rear hub $344 / 344€
Rvolver 1×13 centerlock front hub $155 / 155€
Carbon wheelset w/ Rvolver hubs $1650 / 1500€
Aluminum wheelset w/ Rvolver hubs $658 / 658€
Shifter Bleed Kit $125 / 115€
Brake Bleed Kit $45 / 40€

Rotor 1×13 individual component claimed weights

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

Rotor claims complete road groupset weights from 1785g without a crankset. That includes both shift/brake levers, brakes with 160mm rotors, the new 1×13 rear derailleur, uncut hydraulic hosing, a new 10-36 13s cassette, and an uncut KMC chain. If you want to break it down even further, here are all of Rotor’s 1×13 individual component weight claims…

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

Component Weight
Righthand shift/brakeset (shift/brake lever, caliper, rotor & hardware) 863g
Lefthand brakeset (lever, caliper, rotor & hardware) 443g
12sp cassette 11-36 / 11-39 225g / 221g
12sp cassette 11-46 / 11-52 282g / 314g
13sp cassette 10-36 / 10-39 236 g / 241g
13sp cassette 10-46 / 10-52 290g / 321g
Q-Rings 48t chainring 131g
2INpower direct-mount road power meter crankset 608g
ALDHU crankset + standard axle 352g + 96g
Rvolver 1×13 centerlock rear hub 246g
Rvolver 1×13 centerlock front hub 124g
KMC chain uncut 269g
Carbon Rvolver complete centerlock wheels 1476g
Aluminum Rvolver complete centerlock wheels 1556g


Rotor 1×13 Availability

Rotor 1×13, 13-speed road bike hydraulic drivetrains

All of the new Rotor 1×13 road bike groupset are in production now, and will be available for purchase in April 2019, ready to be built into a modern 1×13 disc brake road, gravel, or cyclocross bike this spring. No word yet from Rotor on the availability of their new MTB flat bar trigger shifter that will bring 1×13 to mountain bikes as well.


  1. Is the 12 speed cassette the same spacing as sram?
    Like all 11 speed (camp, shim, sram) are all the same and wheels can be swapped.

  2. Are cassettes really going to cost up to $415? The component that is most changed on a bike. Way over the top. Seems that they want to price gouge on this component to make up for what seems to be a reasonable cost for the group sets.

  3. Can we please stop talking about how aero 1x is? It’s a big reach in my opinion. You lose a chainring but gain a massive cassette and long derailleur. Seriously getting sick of companies testing how gullible we are. At best it’s marginal. At worst, it’s the same.

    • You don’t need a long derailleur. The longer cage would only be to take up the extra chain in a wide ratio 2x system.

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