We know, it’s a big commitment to change sports drinks…that’s why we’re giving away FIVE variety packs of the new FastAF Hydration Drink Mix. What’s FastAF? It’s a premium sports drink mix flavored with real fruit powders and organic flavors with the right electrolyte and sugar profiles to maximize absorption to keep you hydrated and riding strong! Oh, and it delivers all that without the premium price tag!

Affordable premium organic sports drink mix from Fast AF

Each pouch gives you 25 16-oz servings for just $15.99, so you can use your cash for more important things like racing, grabbing a post-ride burrito, or upgrading your bike. And if you enter to win here, you could get a couple months’ worth for FREE!

Just fill in the quick survey below, let us know what you think, and you’re entered to WIN! All questions and email field require an answer to be entered into the contest. IMPORTANT NOTE! We can ONLY ship this product to an address inside the USA, so this contest is limited to U.S. citizens with a domestic or APO address.

Contest Survey:

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SURVEY CONTEST RULES: By submitting your response, you agree to these rules, terms & conditions: Only one entry per person. Multiple entries from same person will disqualify that person. All participants must provide a valid email address, as that is how FastAF will contact the winners. All entrants’ email addresses may be added to the email newsletter/marketing lists for Bikerumor.com and FastAF. Any emails sent from either party will contain “unsubscribe” options. Contest closes just before midnight (11:59pm) PST on Saturday, March 9th, 2019. Winners will be selected at random and results are final. Winners will have one week from the date of notification of winning to respond, after which FastAF and/or Bikerumor.com reserve the right to choose an alternate winner.


  1. Tyler Benedict on

    Heffe, the actual ingredients in both products are similar, but there are a couple of differences worth noting:

    First, FastAF uses real fruit powders in addition to the organic flavors, so it has a bit of color from that (we don’t add any coloring agents, it’s only from the flavors) whereas Tailwind is mostly clear. They also use organic flavors, so all good there.

    Second, FastAF has a lower sugar count per serving as it’s intended more as a hydration product than pure fuel. Tailwind’s website suggests using theirs more as a replacement for other fuel sources, or reducing the amount used if you’re going to be eating food, gels, etc. So, technically, you could just use about 50% FastAF per serving to achieve a similar result since both products use a mix of glucose/sucrose as their carb source.

    What does all that mean? A few things. It means if you love Tailwind but just want to try another flavor, you’ll probably find that FastAF works well for you, too. And vice versa, which is good, because if you train with one but then show up at a race and they have the other on course, your stomach won’t freak out. The science of hydration is what it is, which is why most of the modern sports drink mixes are similar in this way.

    What we wanted to do with FastAF was offer a premium product at a more affordable price. We based our serving size off a real 16oz bottle, not an 8oz serving because, really, who has an 8oz water bottle? Compare the “per bottle” price per serving and I think you’ll agree that FastAF is hard to beat!

    • Heffe on

      Thanks for the response. I have a big-ass bag of Tailwind right by my desk here (I ride in to work every day) but when it runs out I’ll certainly look at your product as well.


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