LH Thomson is known for their classic seatposts, stems and more recently dropper posts and handlebars. Now, they’re branching out a bit further, expanding on the use of titanium that started with a series of mountain bike handlebars a few years ago. Coming this year is a new 3/2.5 ti gravel bike frame and a titanium Thomson Classic seatpost. Here’s the details…

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

The obvious question is, why? Mike Christensen, Thomson’s bike marketing manager and R&D guy, said they wanted to build a bike that they wanted to ride. It’s a small team at Thomson that’s focused on bike, maybe 10 people, out of 85 total working there predominantly in their aerospace business. So they can move quickly and have the luxury of experimenting in small batches for pet projects like this. If it takes off, great. If they only sell a few, great.

Actually, it’s not the first time they’ve done a frame, there was a U.S.-made mountain bike frame offered in 2014, but this new one will be designed in house and made overseas.

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

They’re planning to offer 5 sizes, from XS to XL, with a 69° headtube angle and 74° seat tube angle. Chainstay length is 423mm. All of which is mostly dialed, but there are some changes they’re making before it goes into final production…

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

… like more seatstay clearance to fit 700×45 tires (it’ll also work with 650B wheels and tires). It’ll also get continuous derailleur housing from the BB all the way back, and the brake hose will move under the chainstay to improve tire clearance.

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

They’re using a stock carbon fork now, but are considering a few tweaks to make it their own…namely adding bag and rack mounts. The frame should also get a few more eyelets to expand the mounting options for accessories, including bento box mounts on the top tube.

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

Launching in fall with a target price for a complete bike under $4,000. Frameset price will depend on the build, which will have all the cockpit options they offer along with this new item:

prototype thomson titanium gravel bike and titanium seatpost

The new Ti Classic seatpost will come along with the bike and launch in Summer. Available initially in 27.2 with 330mm and 410mm lengths, it will use alloy saddle cradles like on their other posts, but with titanium bolts. A 30.9 size may come later. Price and weight are TBD.

Now, if they’d do the frame with that ceramic coating



  1. Complete bike for $4k??? Frameset price will depend on build? I assume this is backwards. Otherwise, SIGN ME UP FOR $4K COMPLETE TITANIUM BIKE FITTED WITH A THOMSON COCKPIT!!!!

  2. The main appeal to Thomson stems and seatposts for me is the made in USA aspect. I’ll keep running those, but pass on the overseas made stuff. Any idea where the seatpost is made?

    • Made overseas or not, it’s still 100% hand made. At this show, there are plenty of bikes not made in North America at the show (UK, Japan, etc…).

    • Why shouldn’t it be there? There are bikes from a number of different countries at the show. That “cheap” Ti frame is handmade.

      • Maybe because “NAHBS” stands for North American Handmade Bike Show? As in North America, where we live, where we make bikes by hand. It’s not “NAAACHBS” (North American And Also China Handmade Bike Show).

        • Apparently you haven’t paid attention to who shows at NAHBS. There are builders from the UK, Europe, and elsewhere, including North America . It’s funny how you only complained about the Chinese. You might also note that these builders from other countries have been showing at NAHBS for a while.

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