TRW Active is on a mission to bring you the most value for your dollar in mountain bike components. Their TRW2 complete group includes a crank, bottom bracket, cassette, chain, and shifter for just north of $400… but if you act fast, it’s currently on sale for under $300. With a wide-range 1×11 setup and 12-speed in development, could this be the biggest value entry for MTB today?

All images courtesy TRW Active.

TRW Active 1×11 budget mountain bike groupset

What began as an Indiegogo campaign is now a reality that you can buy. We’re no stranger to interesting budget-minded groupsets, and TRW seems to be aimed squarely at SRAM NX Eagle. Just how similar are TRW and SRAM NX? Both are based around a single chainring, a wide-range cassette, and an HG freehub – meaning you don’t need an XD-compatible rear wheel. Both are priced right around $400 – NX at $375 complete, and TRW for $420 MSRP (but currently on sale for $293).

For now, the biggest difference is that TRW Active’s groupsets are 11-speed, while NX is 12-speed. However, that will be changing soon – stay tuned after we detail the current kit.

TRW Active’s current components start with a 24mm steel spindle crankset. It’s available in two levels – LW (690g) and HD (753g) – and either standard or Boost chainrings.

The shifter and rear derailleur are only available in one level. The shifter is trigger-style and can shift up to five cogs in one push. The rear derailleur has a 13t upper pulley, 52t max cog capacity, and integrated clutch.


Like their crankset, TRW offers two levels of cassettes – both in 11-50 and 11-52. The lower level TRW2 cassette has all-steel cogs, while the TRW3 has 9 steel, and 2 alloy. Both ride on aluminum carriers.

TRW 12-speed preview

While details are slim as of now, TRW Active is working on a new 12-speed groupset. Thus far, they’ve only shown an ultralight 12-speed 10-50 cassette. The bigger news, however, is that’s available in both HG and XD designs, making it an alternative to pricier cassettes.

We’ll keep an eye out for 12-speed availability, but for now the TRW2 1×11 groupset is available now from their online store. Hit the link below for full specs, details, and pricing.


  1. Kyle Hampton on

    Hasn’t there been plenty of info that this is rebranded stuff from Ali Express. I understand they may have changed out the pulleys and a few other things, but still, you could order it yourself for cheaper.

  2. SCOTT on

    I’m pretty sure that rear derailleur can not do 52T on a full suspension bike, and still have enough chain wrap to pick up the slack for an 11T.

    Pretty sure someone posted a video of the SRX rear derailleur on MTBR

  3. Mark on

    Seems like they’re inviting the Osbourne Effect byby preannouncing their 12-speed stuff. If you can wait, why buy the 11-speed?

  4. Ry on

    So they took aliexpress 11 speed groupset, rebranded it and doubled the price? The 12 speed cassette looks exactly like the aliexpress 12 speed cassette…hmm. Don’t waste your time or money.

  5. Scott on

    This whole industry trend of rebranded chinese parts just needs to stop. Either design your own stuff or don’t start a bike company. And it’s not just the bike industry you find other items where there are 10 different companies selling the exact same product. Aftermarket junk car mods are another one. As much as I hate Trump, he should have added a 100% tariff to stuff like this.

  6. Yngve on

    To play devil’s advocate, if a company is willing to source components from a multitude of manufacturers, maybe throw in some enhancements (maybe not), and then sell them from a single convenient location, (and this next part is key) *and* stand behind them in some meaningful way, I would argue there is a significant benefit to the consumer.

  7. David Rosenthal on

    This is dumb as hell. You can get a brand new Shimano slx m7000 11 speed groupset on Ebay for 260 bucks shipped. If you’re willing to spare having a real shimano casette or a crank you can get that group for 125 bucks.


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