British bikemaker Vielo is set to move beyond their debut all-road gravel V+1 with another lightweight carbon bike – the aero road R+1. Vielo claims that the new R+1 is unlike any other aero road bike in that it was engineered from the ground up to accommodate 1x drivetrains exclusively, a statement possibly supported by the introduction of the 3T Strada Due last summer. Vielo backs up the development choice as allowing greater drivetrain & handling stiffness, without degrading rider comfort. We got a sneak peek two months ago, but now on the eve of its debut we get more details…

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike

Vielo says the focus  of the R+1 was developing significant performance gains with a 30% boost in lateral frame stiffness at the bottom bracket over a 2x frame by ruling out space for a front derailleur. At the same time like we’ve seen from several other recent aero bikes, the design focus on a stiff lower spine of the bike freed Vielo to build in comfort through a vertically compliant seatstay configuration. Vielo achieves this with an extended flat section at the top of the dropped stays before they meet the seattube.

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike

The R+1 is a follow-up to founder Ian Hughes V+1 fat-tire all-road/gravel bike officially launched just over a year ago after more than three decades in the bike industry. Hughes says the new bike extends the same cutting edge design & construction of their gravel bike to a newly adapting road bike market, being helped along by new 1x drivetrain options like the SRAM Red eTap AXS and Force eTap AXS 1×12, plus Rotor 1×13.

R+1 tech details

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike

The R+1 frame gets increased bottom bracket width (vs. a 2x road bike) transitioning to a large symmetrical downtube, with Kamm tail aero shaping throughout. That makes the bikes single ring only, but ensuring high drivetrain efficiency & perfect 1x chainlines across all chain-cassette angles. Chainstays still work to provide lateral stiffness, but with vertical flex to compliment the comfort seatstays.

Vielo developed the aero character of the R+1 to isolate comfort-focused elements of the bikes from the wind. That meant using wide, flat horizontal shapes to flex vertically with a minimal frontal area. Plus, the bike gets a curved/cutout seattube to fit the bike’s max 30mm wide tire.

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike

The R+1 features flat mount disc brakes, optimized for a 140mm rear, 160mm front (or optional 180mm front). It also gets new lightweight Vielo-developed A2T bolt-on thru-axles, a replaceable alloy derailleur hanger, and stainless steel anti-scrape guards at the brake rotors. The bike features a two-position downtube bottle cage mount to maximize aerodynamics, a standard seattube bottle mount, plus and extra cage mount under the downtube and toptube bento box bosses.

The bike will include Vielo’s own one-piece carbon bar+stem combo that keeps hydraulic hoses fully internal. No need for internal shift wiring since the bike is designed for eTap AXS, but it is unclear if routing would be possible for a Rotor 1×13 combo or some version of other road group converted to 1x.

While the bike uses a Kamm tail aero seatpost, Vielo says it is also compatible with dropper seatposts though an optional adapter for the hidden wedge-style seatpost clamp.

Geometry, pricing & availability

Vielo R+1 lightweight aero 1x-only carbon road bike geometry

The Vielo R+1 is meant to be built up with the new 12 speed e-tap AXS 1X groupsets, at either the SRAM Red or Force level. The R+1 will be sold as a frame kit only, including frame, 1.5″ tapered fork, seatpost, headset & 12mm thru-axles.

Two carbon specs will be available like the gravel bike – the top-tier £4000 UD carbon frameset, and a more affordable £2700 UDG layup. Both versions share the same mold & detailing, offered in five stock frame sizes (XS-XL).

Vielo bikes will make their way to US cyclists through a direct partnerships with select independent bicycle shops in the states in a move to limit distributor model overhead costs.


  1. Vielo is a bikemaker? How many actual engineers does Vielo employ? What are their degrees in? What company actually manufactures the bikes?

    • My daughter who is a reasonable rider (DDV/Superprestige series CX. & UCI 1.1/1.2 road), rides one of their V+1 bikes for much of her training (she takes it to Belgium for CX season). I believe their designer/engineer is ex head of design for a high end European brand & that they are out of a factory used by a few manufacturers who supply world tour teams. We have a lot of bikes in the house & certainly the V+1 is one of the best looking, most comfortable & stable.

      • Some excerpts from an article at bikebiz:

        “Start-up Vielo is a copycat using our technologies, says Markus Storck

        Markus Storck, principal and chief designer at Storck Bicycle of Germany, claims that British start-up brand Vielo is infringing on his designs and is also using the same Chinese factory to make its bikes.

        Storck claims Vielo is a copycat brand using Storck technologies developed by Jens Buder. Buder was the
        head of research and development of Storck Bicycle between November 2011 and October 2015.

        “Buder left the company, but now Ian is working with this guy,” Storck told BikeBiz. “That is OK, but what is not OK is that [Buder] is offering technologies he developed when he was a full-time employee with Storck.

        “Ian’s frame has exactly the same technologies that Buder developed for us. It’s a copycat.”

        Storck added: “[Ian] is also using our vendor in China. I am going to try and stop this. Our vendor has produced something identical to our product, and I am applying pressure on the vendor to stop selling to Ian. It is against the agreements I have with the vendor. We have worked with this vendor for 20 years.”

  2. Thank you for your comments here.
    Just to confirm a couple of points.
    This is not an open mould frame. It’s purely engineered and designed in-house. We know it will not be for everyone.
    There is no impending law suit. Never was.
    I’m very happy to answer any questions.
    Our goal was to launch the R+1 here at The Sea Otter Classic and showcase our V+1 to cycling fans here.
    The response to both has been amazing. Over 75,000 fans in the California sun have been drawn to see our bikes, plus non stop press attention.
    More news to come soon.

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