Legendary frame builder Carl Strong says there is no such thing as a gravel bike. Or, rather, any bike can be a gravel bike. It all starts with tire selection. From there he explains how the rest of the bike’s geometry falls into place and what you need to consider when choosing the right drop bar bike for your riding style. Whether it’s road, all-road, gravel, or touring, Carl explains what the geometry numbers mean and how they affect a bike’s handling.

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  1. Craig Henson on

    As a 30 year road,mountain, gravel and triathlon bicycle rider and buyer, the only bicycle I’ve regretted buying was my custom“All-road” Strong bicycle…. It had serious handling issues-shimmy above 30 mph or from strong quartering cross winds at speeds below that. Carl was uninterested in rectifying or really even addressing the issue. Since have talked to several other people with “problem handling”Strong bicycles.

  2. Erik on

    Excellent builder, excellent products. Bought my first frame from him in the early 2000’s. Back then he just referred to them as a “Montana road bike” instead of gravel/allroad all this stuff that has developed over the years.

  3. Tyler Benedict on

    All who’ve guessed at who’s doing the voiceover for our intro…sorry, no winner yet! Keep trying, and we’ll give more hints on the next episode with Watts and I (the next one will have Zach stepping in to co-host while we were out at Sea Otter).

  4. John Battista on

    Carl Strong made a bike for me two years ago. He did an excellent job translating my needs/wants into a bike. It took about 400 miles to really start to get to understand the handling characteristics as it was really different than my Serotta which I had been riding for 15 years. Once I started to “learn” the Strong I have throughly enjoyed the ride. I say started because I’m still learning more about it. Every time I think I’ve found the limit it gives me more. I’ll buy from Carl again if that time comes.


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