Abus launched the Gamechanger aero helmet in Europe in 2017, but it hasn’t been available Stateside until now. And there’s more, including a mid-level trail helmet, an interesting all-mountain helmet that could double as an e-bike commuter, and a prototype version of the Gamechanger that’s more vented, but still very aero.

Abus Gamechanger aero road bike helmet with giant rear air scoops

While it’s an almost-full-coverage shell, the Gamechanger uses top intakes and massive rear exhaust ports to help push and pull hot air out the back of the helmet. It also gets their lightweight chin strap material with a fixed joint under the ear to save weight and reduce drag.  Retail is $249.99, and it comes in eight colors, including the humorously named “Shrimp Orange” and the “Flip Flop” color changer shown in the top photo.

All in all, it’s surprisingly light for what it is. And underneath that hard candy shell is a traditional EPS skeleton, which is what will lead to…

This prototype. It’s built on the same mold as the Gamechanger, but with most of the vents fully exposed.

The top rear part gets a plastic mesh cover to create more of an aerodynamic surface, but it’ll still let hot air vent off the top of your head. Price and availability TBD, but it’s impressively light and we want one. Part of the weight savings comes from those same straps, but also thanks to minimal padding. The version shown here is the CE approved model, but they told us the CPSC version will add a little top padding (and thus a few more grams). Buuuuut, they also told us the pros riding it said they don’t miss the padding, that it’s very comfortable without it.

The Viantor road helmet is also respectably light and comes in at just $99. Like the Gamechanger and the others shown here, the news is that it’s now available in the U.S.

For mountain bikers, the Moventor is a $99 option that comes in two sizes and three colors: Black, White and the Gray/Fuchsia shown here…but that pink only comes in the Medium size.

The Montrailer is an interesting trail helmet that looks more like a cool-weather commuter. The extended side and rear coverage is typically what we see on e-bike helmets where the rider is going faster.

What’s cool is that the visor is transparent, but dark. So, if you’re riding into the sun and need to block the harsh glare but still see where you’re going, it’s an interesting option. Retail is $149.99.



  1. The European safety standard is easier to pass than the US CPSC. That’s why you might see some thin lightweight helmets in the EU and not in the US. They need minor reworks and different testing to be sold in the US.

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