From the creators of HideMyBell comes another interesting product – CoverMyBack. CloseTheGap is a design group focused on creating products that make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Their latest product is a combination fender and light mount that has a few different options.

While there are already quick mount rear fenders out there, CloseTheGap thought they could make some improvements. Starting with a mounting bracket that bolts to your saddle rails, both the fender and the light have a rock solid connection to the bike. When you don’t need the fender, it can be easily unclipped leaving just the rear light mount.

Don’t like the idea of the light underneath the fender? It can be mounted on top using the extra bolt. The fenders are compatible with most saddle bags this way as well. There is even an optional GoPro adapter.

Sold as a kit for $30 for a single bike, there’s also the N+1 set which includes an extra mount for a second bike so you can swap the fenders between them. Available now.

CloseTheGap is also working on a product called HideMyWaste which is essentially a mini trash can for your top tube. Don’t want to put those gel packets into your jersey pocket but don’t want to litter? No problem – just stash them into the HideMyWaste and empty it at the end of your ride. Problem solved.

One of the OGs of fenders, SKS almost always has something new to show and this time was no different. Looking to help cover the growing number of dropbar bikes with tires up to 42mm wide, the Speedrockers offer a quick on/off solution for covering up for wet rides.

Up front, four rubberized velcro straps cinch down on the fork legs to mount the two piece front fender.

Out back, the velcro straps have been replaced by rubber straps, but the fenders still attach in a similar manner to the seat stays. An adjustable extension of the rear fender maximizes coverage based on frame size.

Predominantly made from plastic, the fenders check in at 408g per set, cover up to 42mm tires, and use aluminum stays for $79.99 per set.


  1. Jclaa on

    Why would I want to put my light under my fender? So many of my lights die due to getting blasted with water from the tire.

  2. Kovas on

    Am I the only dude who’s got a half-dozen plastic fenders of all sorts and sizes littering my garage, never to be used again? Eventually I just bucked-up and installed some full-fenders, the old-school-all-alloy-clunker variety with steel wire mounts. Yeah, they rattle a bit, maybe make my bike look 50lbs heavier, but hey – my butt has never been drier. I can suit-up black tie and ride to a wedding in mid mud season… Clip fenders always seem like the next-best-mousetrap, when really – the ol’ ones work the best.


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