If you’re already dressing in your favorite team’s kit, might as well go off the deep end with matching saddles, too, right? Now you can, with team-like colorways to match many of the pro teams sponsored by Prologo. You’ll have the option between their Dimension road saddles and, without any particular team connection, the NDR mountain bike version. And the best part? You can match the bar tape for some of them, too:

The Dimension series is their one-style-fits-most design that gets a shorter nose and wider tail with shaping to fit most cyclists. The key difference between the road versions (shown with the pinstripes in the color segments) and the mountain bike versions (offset color blocks) is the foam density, but there are other subtle design differences.

prototype prologo Dimension Tri triathlon bike saddle for triathletes

And now, triathletes won’t feel left out. Or, soon, anyway, as this prototype Dimension TRI makes its way into production this summer. It uses a more padded nose with softer tip, specifically placed CPC vibration damping grip sections on the top, and a slight shape refinement to suit the sport. And, probably, appropriate materials so it won’t matter how it gets wet. Pricing and availability on all of these goodies is TBA, but we’ll keep you posted.


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