We love SRAM’s wide range cassettes and well-clutched rear derailleurs, but sometimes a bike build just begs for a thumb shifter. Like when you’re using something like a Jones Bar handlebar. Or you just want something rebuildable and bombproof for real backcountry excursions. For that, Paul Component has been making thumb shifter perches for Shimano and Microshift for years, but now you’ll have a proper SRAM option, too.

The new SRAM Thumbies work with SRAM’s 10- and 11-speed bar end shifters, so you’ll have to grab (or repurpose) one of their original XX1/X01 groups or earlier units. It doesn’t work with the R2C (Return to Center) TT shifters, so stick with the regular friction/index thumb shifters.

Paul Component Thumbies flat bar thumb shifter mounts for SRAM index and friction thumb shifter levers

They’re made out of U.S.-sourced 6061 aluminum and precision machined in house in Chico, CA, at Paul’s HQ. Here’s the specs:

  • Material: 6061 American Aluminum
  • Weight: 80 grams (including all necessary mounting hardware)
  • Surface Finish: Anodized Black, Silver, or Purple. Also available in Polished.
  • Clamp Diameter: 22.2
  • Price (Pair) $104 anodized, $128 Polished (Also available single sided)

paul component shows how to mount sram bar end shifters to a flat mountain bike handlebar

paul component shows how to mount sram bar end shifters to a flat mountain bike handlebar

They’re available now on Paul’s website, just don’t forget to order your 10-speed or 11-speed SRAM thumb shifters, too!



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