Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Zaskar in the Forest

bikerumor pic of the day Zaskar in the forest

Photo submitted by Daniel Cluley, “Here is me riding my dream in the forest next to a huge monolithic rock that precedes me and will succeed me. . .

The bike is my 2001 GT Zaskar LE (Ping-Pong Edition). The last real Zaskar made in the United States!??

I love this bike. It has been modernized over the years, but I have ridden it to death. I have had 2 other full suspension bikes including a Pivot Mach 4 that cost a boatload that is sitting stored most of the time because this bike is just so damn fun to ride! Sussed out with some Spinergy Xyclone period wheels and Avid Ultimate period rim brakes, but with some newer drive-train components that had to be replaced over time including Sram XO/XX 1-10 setup (before they came out with 1×11 and eagle) and Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost and Ritchey WCS/Carbon cockpit and bars.

With the right tubes (yes tubes) and tires, it weighs less than 20 lbs, including pedals for a beast of an old-school frame that is bomb-proof. I have thousands of miles and el on this frame and I still keep coming back to it over others. SO MUCH FUN!”

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  1. Awesome! My wife once hid a Zaskar LE from me for a month in a closet, and blew my mind on Christmas day. Glad you’re still enjoying yours!

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