CeramicSpeed says you can go faster for longer off-road now with an expanded OSPW X ceramic bearing derailleur upgrade offering for Eagle AXS & Eagle mechanical mountain bike drivetrains. Adding to existing OSPW X systems for mechanical SRAM Force & Rival 1 and Shimano RX-800/805, there are oversized pulley wheel upgrades for several gravel, cyclocross & mountain bike drivetrains.

CeramicSpeed OSPW X Eagle mountain bike derailleur upgrades

CeramicSpeed OSPW X SRAM Eagle kit, ceramic bearing oversized pulley wheel derailleur upgrade
photos courtesy CeramicSpeed

Danish bearing specialists CeramicSpeed have released details on their new Oversized Pulley Wheel X System compatible with SRAM Eagle mechanical and AXS electronic groupsets – teased earlier this spring. Now more enduro, trail, cross-country, cyclocross & gravel riders will have access to the benefits from increased drivetrain efficiencies that come with the same ceramic bearings & oversized pulleys that road racers have been using for years.

OSPW X Eagle tech details

CeramicSpeed OSPW X SRAM Eagle kit, ceramic bearing oversized pulley wheel derailleur upgrade

To work with Eagle mechanical 12-speed & Eagle eTap AXS 12-speed, CeramicSpeed needed to create two different (but almost identical) OSPW X Eagle upgrade kits. One fits on the new AXS electronic derailleur, but the other is compatible with most Eagle mechanical derailleurs, including: SRAM Eagle XX1, X01, GX & NX.

CeramicSpeed OSPW X SRAM Eagle kit, ceramic bearing oversized pulley wheel derailleur upgrade

Both kits share the same oversized alloy, black anodized narrow-wide 14T upper pulley & 18T lower pulley wheels to reduce chain drag and allow for smooth, reliable shifting across the 10-50T Eagle 12-speed cassettes. Each pulley gets a single row of CeramicSpeed ceramic bearings, and are hand built in Denmark.

CeramicSpeed OSPW X SRAM Eagle kit, ceramic bearing oversized pulley wheel derailleur upgrade

The mountain bike specific version of the OSPW X system uses a more resilient carbon fiber-reinforced polyamide (PA engineered plastic) pulley cage that is still lightweight. The cage is actually 2mm shorter than the stock Eagle cage letting you use the original chain length with the larger pulleys, and lifting them slightly higher out of the way of potential rock strikes.

The OSPW X Eagle cage can be custom set up with three lighter spring tension settings to provide the minimum chain tension needed to ensure retention for each rider’s style (lower chain tension maximizes the reduction of chain drag.

Pricing & availability

CeramicSpeed OSPW X SRAM Eagle kit, ceramic bearing oversized pulley wheel derailleur upgrade

Both OSPW X Eagle kits are available now for 480€ with standard CeramicSpeed bearings or for 560€ with CeramicSpeed’s coated, lower-friction bearings. The option for gold anodized pulley wheels to match XX1 drivetrain is expected to be available later in July 2019.

CeramicSpeed says that the use of premium quality bearings and the bigger pulleys has empirically been shown to reduce drag & improve durability across cycling disciplines, with 3-5x longer bearing life than conventional bearings. Their in-house testing shows efficiency savings up to 40% over the stock SRAM Eagle derailleur setup. The new OSPW X for SRAM Eagle is backed by either a 4-year or a 6-year guarantee (standard or coated bearings, respectively).

“The new OSPW X for SRAM Eagle is a significant move for CeramicSpeed further into the heart of the off-road cycling market and community,” says CeramicSpeed Exec VP Martin Banke.



  1. CeramicSpeed’s claims are as hollow as my crankset spindle. The world would be a better place if companies like them went out of business. (Hybrid) ceramic bearings make no sense in bicycle applications.

      • In 1916, subsequent to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, Clark Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment was examined by the Bureau of Chemistry, and found to be drastically overpriced and of limited value. As a result, Stanley faced federal prosecution for peddling mineral oil in a fraudulent manner as snake oil. In his 1916 civil hearing instigated by federal prosecutors in the U.S. District Court for Rhode Island, Stanley pleaded nolo contendere (no contest). CeramicSpeed, how do you plead?

        • I agree with you. Any claim of ‘ceramic bearings saving wattage’ is pure BS. Those hybrid bearings are over-priced, offer little or even negative gain, and are good IQ testers.

          • Yeah, if you read up on the topic, it is the low drag seals and grease that are typically added to a ceramic bearing that would account for the majority of any gains. Fit those seals and grease to a steel bearing, and you would have roughly the same drag at a fraction of the cost. Having said that, there is some potential for a full ceramic bearing to be more tolerant of contamination, due to the lack of corrosion risk, so I suppose there is an argument to be made for that, but hardly anyone is doing full ceramic, particularly not in load bearing applications, and with steel races as in a hybrid bearing, you still are at risk of corrosion.

            • In the area of road applications I consider CULT is a good counter-example. I use in hubs and BB w/o any issue with sensibly less friction. Seals are the same as in the steel versions, Cronitect will not rust. True that only thin oil used as lubricant. Price is an other issue but no one holds gun to your heads to purchase. Full ceramic C-Bear gear pulley runs like fidgetspinner after thousands of miles.

              • > sensibly less friction

                What radial load did you test at? Are your test results available? How freely a bearing spins by hand is only relevant to the snake oil salespeople.

  2. I have a friend who swears by their products. He has more money than sense or brains. He gets dropped a lot too. Every company needs a following but 500 euro for a jockey pulley cage is highway robbery

  3. There is a little bit of improvement with hybrid ceramics. A real little bit. And only in situations where impact damage isn’t on the table. So a small amount of BS is reduced. But that price is insane. I would love if a cycling company could figure out how to economically produce produce bearing retainers with the tolerances that real full ceramic bearings need and that said bearings races could withstand even minimal impact forces…but sadly that’s not this and that hasn’t happened yet.

  4. That price is nothing compared to the $1900.00 USD a guy I know paid for their limited edition TFD cage set last year. Hand painted and numbered.

    “We have designed an exclusive ‘Victory Edition’ OSPW System. This is a special, limited edition, hand-painted cage in a unique, glitter iridescent finish, complete with 3D-Printed Hollow Titanium Oversized Pulley Wheels.”

  5. What someone needs to make are pulleys that fit an AXS 12 speed road RD but are compatible with chains for shimano/sram and campag 12 speed drivetrains.

  6. I’m all for making bikes faster, however you’re drivetrain can only be as efficient as the rolling resistance of putting it down on the pavement I.e wheels, tires and wheel bearings. I understand ceramics lasting longer and being a durability thing to some degree.

    All the power to ceramic speed, it’s cool to have some fast bike tech. But people need to realise of speed is a priority it’s a complete system that needs to be applied .

  7. I bought the ceramic speed ospw. First ride i was taking it easy too make sure everything was working properly. So when got home an was cleaning my bike an too off rear wheel thats when I noticed the crack an a peice of the cage was broken off . . So I contacted them an explained too them what happened. I’m not made of money an work hard too earn a pay check well they said we can give u a discount for %50 off. So the outer is $250 an i had too pay $125. I was so mad I didn’t even respond back too them. U would think they would help u out on such a expensive purchase. Well anyways I bought a new outer cage with the discount they sent me an haven’t had any problems the last 3 months .Just want too let the public know that there is shifting problems I run into here an there when I have too down shift real fast from high too low when I commming up too a hill with the ceramic speed ospw. The reason I bought the ceramic speed ospw i hear good things an bad things an wanted too c for myself plus I was building my dream bike over the winter an using all high end parts for my bike. So my thoughts on the ceramic ospw r a negative. First the price is way too high an second something so expensive u would think there would be no flaws but there is. They need too do more home work on there product an get the price down.

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