It’s one thing to throw a bigger fork on an existing model and call it more capable. It’s a whole ‘nother to redesign the linkage to add more rear travel on an existing frame, but that’s what the new 2020 Orbea Rallon has done. Offering models with a 170mm fork (up from 160mm), there’s also a new rear linkage kit that grows the rear end to 160mm of travel (up from 150mm). The frame itself remains the same, as does the base geometry, and other bits and pieces are updated as expected for build kits, so we’ll focus on the rear mod…

how did the orbea rallon increase travel with just a new link
The 2020 Rallon R5 linkage shown on top compared to the 2019 linkage.

The new linkage (on top) simply moves things around a bit to achieve more travel with the same frame and stays.

The new rear linkage will come stock, turning the bike into a 160/170mm race rig, but is backwards compatible to fit into the same asymmetric Rallon R5 introduced last year. It replaces the original linkage and, they say, improves sensitivity and gives the bike a more progressive curve.

Retail for the kit is $299 (€249), available now.

Want one? Their MyO online configurator lets you build it up the way you want it. Or just order the kit and upgrade last year’s bike. For the full tech specs on the frame and that side-set rear shock, check out this post.


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