If it’s truly all about marginal gains, then DeFeet has been doing their best to bring small improvements to your lowest contact points for years. Most recently it was carbon fiber socks, then Golden Orb Spider silk socks, and now it’s aerodynamic socks. And they’ve got the wind tunnel data to prove it…

Defeet evo disruptor aero cycling socks tested in the wind tunnel

Defeet evo disruptor aero cycling socks tested in the wind tunnel

After seeing other brands launching aero socks, Defeet decided to make their own. Then they brought them to the A2 Wind Tunnel in Mooresville, NC, and asked Aero Camp director Heath Dotson to run the tests against the competing socks. They say the EVO Disruptor tested faster than anything else, and this snippet from the press release suggests they’re jist as fast in the real world:

On July 8, 2019 Deceuninck-Quickstep rider Julian Alaphillipe baptised the DeFeet EVO Disruptor with a solo break away to win Stage 3 of the Tour de France and take the Yellow Jersey of race leader. In 2018, Deceuninck-Quickstep wore the DeFeet EVO Ventoux to 74 professional victories, but the team saw the emergence of aero socks and asked DeFeet to make its own version.

“Our designs were winning the big races, but riders kept asking for a special aerodynamic model.” said DeFeet Founder and Chief Sockologist Shane Cooper. “We decided to not just jump in with a similar product. We spent over a year in development and took a scientific approach. We designed multiple silhouettes of a sock that introduces new features proven in the wind tunnel.”

Several DeFeet technicians have a strong interest in aerodynamics and we’re excited to apply their knowledge to the EVO Disruptor project.

Test results showed that most aerodynamic socks are approximately four (4) watts more efficient than bare legs while cycling. The new DeFeet EVO Disruptor, however, posted savings of eight (8) watts, doubling the efficiency of competing brands.

DeFeet achieved the new marks with the EVO Disruptor by using subtle, vertical striations that disrupt just enough air to create smoother flow around the feet, ankles and legs of the rider. Since feet move forward while riders punch through the air, the pedaling motion creates more than purely parasitic drag on the cyclist.

The results were good enough that DeFeet will put them into prodoction. Look for then to go in sale October 1st, 2019.



  1. strangely enough, JA wasn’t wearing those dress sock abominations for his stage victory. Don’t care how much faster they are, I’m not gonna wear ’em.

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