First introduced in 2017 as a Kickstarter project with an unconventional funding strategy, the 2019 Juggernaut cargo bike is back with a drastically improved design and business model. But it keeps the fully suspended front wheels, using a double wishbone suspension and steering linkage, which is what really separated it from the pack years ago. Or, rather, would have if it had made it into production…

Juggernaut 2 e-cargo trike bicycle with independent front suspension and dual battery bosch motor

We reached out last year only to hear that  they were working on changes and improvements. Why? Because it’s a killer concept, and we’re fans of e-cargo bikes as true car replacements. And because we’d heard custom frame builder Pete Olivetti was on board to move the design forward and make their bikes domestically. Turns out that’s true, and the bikes are being made and assembled in Colorado.

The big updates from the original are a sleeker frame design that uses more bends and less welds, which saves both cost and time. And the switch to a frame-mounted Bosch CX dual-battery e-bike drive system, which delivers up to an 80-mile range with a top speed of 18mph (assisted). Cargo capacity is 300lbs, which will let it be used for “last mile” delivery by companies like UPS, FedEx, and USPS. So, the design is narrow enough to fit in standard bike lanes and, when parked on the sidewalk, is still classified as a bicycle…two important considerations for co-founder Jeff Mauck, who’s a player in urban development and planning.

Juggernaut 2 e-cargo trike bicycle with independent front suspension and dual battery bosch motor

Another big change is a switch to a Gates Belt Drive steering system, which is not shown on these renderings because they’re applying for a patent on the design. They say it’ll be silent (naturally), but also be more durable if the front end bottoms out…a real consideration now that it’s sprung. There are still tie rods at the ends, but the connection from the steering column to the front mechanism will be belt driven. Full details are still hush hush, but that’s the gist of it.

Wheel sizes carry over, using 27.5″ wheels at the back, and 24″ wheels up front. Further up front is a “deployable kickstand” at the nose, which will prevent it from teetering forward if you were to dismount when it’s fully loaded. It’ll be handlebar activated, making it easy to use and retract.

Now, about that funding…they have angel investors, which have funded the startup costs. The original prototype was just that, a prototype that never made it into production. This one is ready for a first run, which is only going to be five bikes, delivered at the end of this summer. Pre-order price is $7,500, get on it if you want one! After that? Assuming all the feedback is good, they’re planning a real first run of 100 bikes for delivery in Spring 2020.

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