MET has just filled in the gap in their mountain bike helmet lineup, offering something for all budgets. And that’s thanks to the new Terranova, which fits in between the higher end Roam (€150-€170) and the entry level Echo (€60). It gives them a mid-priced but well featured helmet for the trail rider to all-mountain crowd. If you’re really going big, you might wanna check out the new Parachute, their convertible full full face helmet with a removable chin bar.

2020 MET mountain bike helmet lineup for all price points
Left to right: Parachute, Roam, Terranova, and Echo.

Looks are a little more muted compared to the Roam, designed to look less aggressive for riders that don’t think they need something so burly. But, in fact, the coverage and ventilation is virtually the same. Vents are big, and there are more on the top, with good internal channeling to direct air over your head.

2020 MET Terranova mountain bike helmet tech specs and details

2020 MET Terranova mountain bike helmet tech specs and details

The key differences between it and the Roam are functional, though. The Terranova loses the lateral adjustment of the rear cradle, but keeps the vertical adjustment. The visor slides evenly throughout its range (versus indexed clicks), and rotates up high enough to get your goggles or sunglasses underneath…and the ports on the side are aimed straight back to easily accommodate most cycling sunglasses with straight arms.

The visor is ultra flexible so it won’t change the impact protection. The shell wraps around underneath, which is an upgrade over the Echo, to protect the EPS foam when you set the helmet down or toss it in your car. The rear dial is compatible with their rear light, which clips on to add safety for night time commuting.

Claimed weight is 335g without MIPS ($120/€100/£80), and 355g with ($140/€120/£80). Starts shipping in September.

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