The Project One program from Trek is their long-running custom program, allowing you to completely customize your dream bike. It has evolved over time, but recently received an update on the road side, with new models to customize, along with new ICON paint schemes and more component choices.

Trek Project One Road Custom Program 2019 Updates

Trek’s Project One has long been building high-dollar custom bikes to satisfy even the pickiest of customers. The MTB side saw a significant upgrade earlier this year, with the addition of new ICON paint schemes – but now it’s the roadies’ turn.

The road models available to customize include the new Domane SLR (above), Madone SLR/SLR Speed, Emonda SLR, and Speed Concept.

New component choices include R-Series road tires, Pro IsoCore VR-C and VR-S handlebars, Aeolus Pro 3 V wheels, and Aeolus sadles.

There are also two new ICON premium paint jobs in addition to the carryover options. Trek provided the descriptions below…

“NEW – Molten Marble brings the heat. With hypnotizing swirls of pearly red lava and smoky chrome, this paint scheme is a real force of nature. Available with or without Trek-Segafredo race team logos.”

“NEW – Cosmos is a paint scheme of galactic proportions. Take your ride from ordinary to otherworldly with three phases of color that fade from planetary purple to deep dark blue to the metallic black of deep space, all dotted with unique, hand-flecked constellations.”

“No two Brushed Liquid Metal paint schemes are alike. Beneath the glossy finish, the unique hand-scuffed undercoat has an industrial character with a deep, smoky tint.”

“Refliptive is a new twist on a coveted scheme of cycling’s past. Shades of amethyst and bright green flip to purple in changing light like a mood ring (if you’re always in a good mood). This scheme also features reflective logos.”

“Up close, the Black Gold paint scheme is as classy as a tuxedo. From a distance, the metallic flake and the raised dimensional logos give it a golden texture and depth.”

“Is every one of your rides a vision quest? Prismatic Pearl is a psychedelic, mind-bending paint scheme on a different plane of consciousness. It morphs in changing light to show every color and shade in the rainbow.”

The new Project One options are available as of July 25, 2019, with pricing adjusted based on the options you choose.


      • Funny how cheap big box bikes so often much more visually appealing over the “Name Brand” bikes that can be $500-$5000 or more. I’m sure someone (likely a bike snob) will be along shortly to tell me “aesthetics shouldn’t matter” crap. To which I say fine, go put Huffy graphics on your $3-5K bike until it visually is a Huffy. Now tell me it shouldn’t matter….. When you make your expensive bike look like a cheap bike and ride it for years, you will have a leg to stand on then.

  1. Trek: “We added new options to our P1 road lineup!”
    Us: “Ok but can you add ‘cross, gravel, and more mountain bikes to the P1 system?”
    Trek: “Look! New colors!”
    Us: “Yeah but–”
    Trek: “And components!”
    Us: “If we could just have some diversity–”
    Trek: “ROAD BIKES”

  2. That red reminds me of some early ’00s Ellsworth finishes. So many conflicting emotions.

    I love the bass boat sparkles though.

      • I realize that. But it’s still ridiculous regardless. Nobody was looking at last years bikes and saying “what is that”. The team TREK logo was always prominent. Now its comical. There is such a thing as overdoing it.

  3. 1. Unless you have native heritage you shouldn’t be talking about “vision quests”.
    2. I’m tired of people pretending that a semi custom paint job on a stock Geometry bike with limited component options is “custom”. For that amount of money you can get an actual custom bike: custom Geometry, any paint you want, any parts group you want.
    3. Those trek logo sizes have gotten out of hand.

  4. Strange that Project One doesn’t offer Shimano’s GRX components even as an option, given that the GRX groupset was specifically designed for all-road bikes like the Domane.

    Then again, it wouldn’t be a Trek if the project team didn’t insist on making at least a couple of boneheaded design decisions.

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