Based in DC, Altor has been making locks for a while. And they’ve seen the rise in angle grinder use by thieves, which can apparently make short work of many locks. Enter the Altor SAF, their solution to motorized cutters, and also one of the fattest bike locks we’ve ever seen.

The Altor SAF claims to withstand angle grinders, such that either the tool runs out of battery power, destroys the grinding disc, or just burns out the motor before the lock can be broken. The secret is the patterned reliefs inside, which is a softer metal that’s actually harder for grinders to effectively cut.

Well, that and the fact that the 78mm outer “U” is just so fat that the grinding disc can’t even reach the inner steel core. And this hardened steel core stands up to leverage-based tools like crow bars.

Inside is a durable, highly pick-resistant keyed lock core. Here’s the rest of the specs:

  • 80 mm diameter alloy SAF Tech Shell which protects against angle grinders
  • 14 mm hardened internal shackle
  • Dual-sided anti-rotation locking bars ensure a thief would have to cut the lock on two sides to compromise the lock
  • High security disc detainer lock mechanism to prevent lockpicking
  • Soft protective outer coating made of vinyl and silicone to protect against scuffing

The lock is available now on Indiegogo for $199, with a planned $299 retail price after the campaign.


  1. i like this. instead of trying to be “slick”, it does what it sets out to do with no compromise. and gives people some perspective when it comes to the tradeoffs involved with designing bike locks.

  2. Heavy thick hard to carry locks don’t sound like a great thing. I would rather have an ABUS granit X-plus and have something lighter, that is easy to carry. Plus it is super secure and hard to cut and pry open.

    When you don’t have your own factories and use quality virgin steel with good tempering and hardening processes you need thick weighty locks!

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