The Race Face Aeffect R crankset comes in with a high end design and low end price. Made for riders on a budget that need something durable and versatile, it uses their CINCH direct-mount chainring system and a standard 24mm spindle to fit just about any set up from XC to trail to all-mountain to enduro to fat bike.

The arms use a “deep pocket, net forged” 7075 alloy construction that slides onto any of their five spindle lengths. And you can throw any of their round or oval chainrings on there, too. Even better, there’s a new 165mm arm length joining the usual 170mm and 175mm options. Claimed weight is 632g with a 32t alloy chainring, or 696g with a steel chainring. Chainring options range from 26-36t in alloy, 30-34t in Shimano 12-speed, and 28-32t in steel. Retail is just $129.99.

Race Face Aeffect R dropper post & remote

what is a good affordable dropper seatpost from race face

Keeping with the affordable durability theme, the new Aeffect R dropper post gives you a full hydraulic, user-serviceable cartridge inside an alloy body with new, larger diameter upper tube for better stiffness. Available with up to 170mm travel, they’re cable actuated using a standard shift cable and housing, all using stealth routing.

Quick specs are:

  • Weights: 31.6×100=482g / 31.6×125=530g / 31.6×150=602g / 31.6×170=638g
  • Length: 100mm = 323mm / 125mm = 378mm / 150mm = 425mm / 170mm = 465mm (not including actuation extension out the bottom of the lower tube)
  • Size: 30.9 or 31.6mm
  • DROP 100mm / 125mm / 150mm / 170mm
  • Head Type: Zero offset, 2-bolt micro adjust
  • Material: 7075 ALLOY
  • Retail: $199 without lever

The post will work with any of their levers, including this Aeffect R 1x remote lever ($39.99) that sits under your bar. It works with their Turbine R post, too.


  1. Celest Greene on

    Same weight as SLX for $20 more, but better chainring availability, especially for 11s & Eagle. That’s actually a tough call. It looks like a good time to be shopping for a crank.

  2. Andrew Fleming on

    I wish that Race Face kept making their cranks in 180mm lengths. It’s getting harder to find them as fewer companies make them at this point.

    • Daniel Molloy on

      Absolutely! This is one of the main things I don’t like about Raceface vs Shimano, although now even XT isn’t making any 180mm crankarm options like there used to be a couple years ago.

    • Bogey on

      Agreed! Not everyone is on the shorter crank bandwagon especially tall people. I still love 180mm cranks but am very restricted now that Race Face and Shimano XTR no longer make them.

  3. Andy on

    Basically identical to the PNW Bachelor dropper, and definitely identical to the PNW Puget lever. Brand-X Ascend is based on the PNW Bachelor and uses the same Puget lever INCLUDED in the package for $50 less. Excellent droppers, good luck and you’re welcome 🙂

    • Padrote on

      I hardly see what difference $50 makes, when essentially the biggest question is how long you’re going to be waiting on a warranty replacement. Because all dropper posts are basically unreliable, and don’t tell me about your special mildly obscure brand one that you’ve never had to work on for three years, because yours is the exception.

      • Cryogenii on

        Or the Specialized Command Post on my 2011 Epic which has never needed a service. Well ok it does have a bit of rotational play now…

        • Space Raccoon on

          Cyogenii, you should def have that Command Post serviced – there’s a collet in that gen that starts breaking without any symptoms until it’s trashed, and the more broken it is the more difficult it is to service. I’d at least have that checked to see if it needs resolved, as it could be a cheap job now vs an expensive job later.

          Def not dissing those posts – they’re great – they just have this one issue to be aware of.

      • Andy on

        @Padrote Why so salty? $50 and AND a remote included, that’s more like $90. Brand-X is hardly obscure, it’s made by wiggle and chainreactioncycles in Europe. Warranty has been great, my bike fell upside down and broke the rail clamp on the dropper, wiggle gave me a whole new dropper. Just google it you’ll see the reviews are great, if you don’t live in Europe i guess you’re SOL


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