Back in 2017, RovR rolled out the Bikr attachment for their Campr cooler. The idea was that by attaching it to your bike, you could ride along with your cooler just about anywhere, towing your frosty beverages to your final destination. Based on the comments though, RovR didn’t quite convince many readers of the cooler’s offroad-worthiness. Well, RovR is back with some updates to the wheels of their new RollR cooler and a true offroad test with none other than the legend, Myles Rockwell.

Now fitted with 9″ all terrain rubber tires with a replaceable inner tube, the tires are mounted to aluminum wheels with two sealed bearings per hub. Combined with a rotationally molded body, high density foam insulation, and a 12.5mm stainless steel axle, the cooler seems to be up for the ride.

Can Myles Rockwell outride the RovR RollR 45 Rolling Cooler? Can Myles Rockwell outride the RovR RollR 45 Rolling Cooler?

To tow the RollR, you’ll still need to purchase the BikR Kit for an additional $54 which adds an axle mounted tow bar to your cooler. Note that there’s no listing of what axle configurations will work with the BikR, so confirm with RovR that it will fit your bike before ordering.

The coolers themselves are available in a 45, 60, and 80 quart version, each with collapsible wagon bin for the top, and a dry bin for the inside included. The RollRs are offered in multiple colors with pricing ranging from $369 to $449 depending on the size.


  1. For that price you could buy a high-end off-road specific bike trailer that can carry a regular cooler along with a bunch of other stuff.

  2. For that price you can buy junk coolers. Buy cheap or buy once. I been been through all kinds of cheaper and expensive coolers options. These are amazing coolers. I’ve had one for 2 years now. They also have internal compartments that separate the veggies from beers. Super durable and keep beers cold as well as my Yeti. Those are super over priced and don’t even have wheels to lug a 80lb coolers full of ice and beers. For the price, durability, and portability there is nothing better.

    • That is silly, you buy for your application. If all you need is to keep ride beverages cool for 6-8 hours a cooler in this price range is ludicrous. We’ve got a sub 70 dollar cooler that worked perfectly for 3 years in Texas. The several hundred dollars Yeti and this stuff is for hunters/anglers that are out in the woods or on the water for 5-6 days in hot temps great for that application.

  3. Why would I choose this over a bunch of affordable coolers mounted on top of my 150usd child trailer which sports decent 20″ wheels and thus better clearance?

  4. I think Rovr can’t see the forest beyond the trees! Who gives a shit if the cooler survives the trek if the contents don’t.

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