Gaciron announced a new smart taillight for your bike, the W10-BS. It attaches to either a saddle or seat post, and automatically detects braking forces – switching to its brightest mode for 3-seconds as a warning to others. The W10-BS is IPX5 waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and runs for a stunning 66 hours via a 350mAh lithium battery.

Gaciron W10-BS smart braking bicycle taillight

There have been various execution of automatic lights, but Gaciron set out to bring automatic features to new prices and run times. The new W10-BS will detect when you’re braking and switch to its brightest mode for three seconds.

Don’t like the auto mode? You can also run it manually (via a switch on the back), choosing from three modes: 5 lumen flash, 2 lumen flash, and 2 lumen constant. Also note the USB charging port on the back of the housing.


The W10-BS uses an aluminum housing with rubberized seatpost band. Gaciron claims a waterproof rating of IPX5.

Don’t want it on your seat post? Simply zip-tie it to the saddle rails, for a clean look.

The W10-BS weighs in at a claimed 27.8 grams, and is available now for $12 USD. Gaciron updated us with new US retail pricing: $24.


    • Carbonazza on

      I use their front and rear lights for a few years, Gaciron are the best you can find on Aliexpress.

      It is funny how cyclists react to a fair price for a LED light.
      The bike industry got us badly educated 🙂

  1. IzzyM on

    This is the same design as the Enfitnix XLite100 which has been around for a while.
    The Gaciron has a better (claimed) battery life though, and is much cheaper.


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