Stages Cycling has just added three new power meter upgrade options for Shimano’s latest gravel and mountain bike cranksets. Choose from single-side options for GRX, XT and XTR, or get dual-leg options for the mountain bike cranks. As with all of their add-on power meters, they claim +/-1.5% accuracy, an IPX7 water resistant design, and light 20g weight.

stages dual leg and single leg power meters for new shimano xt and xtr 12-speed cranksets

stages dual leg and single leg power meters for new shimano xt and xtr 12-speed cranksets

The installed price for the dual leg (aka “LR” for Left Right) with a new set of XTR cranks is $1,299 (£1,199/€1,299/$1,799AUD). Or, send in your own XT or XTR cranks and they’ll do a factory install for $399 (single side, either side) or $749 (dual side).

stages power meter can be added to a shimano grx gravel bike crankset

If you’ve got a new gravel bike with Shimano’s GRX group, they’re now offering a single-leg version for the non-driveside crank arm. They say there’s some clearance and fit issues with getting one on the drive side cranks for now. Price is $579 (£479/€559/$799AUD),

All of them use Stages’ accelerometer-based cadence measurement, so you won’t need any magnets or other add ons to get that data, too. Active temperature compensation keeps it from fluctuating along with your energy levels.

stages bike indoor stationary cycling trainer for serious cyclists and triathletes

And just in case you missed it, Stages also launched a stationary indoor cycling trainer. Get all the tech and details on that in this post.

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