If you’re the type to write motivational messages on your top tube, or just happen to be a fan of the ‘Dead, Bike Jerks has you covered. Featuring original artwork and a “touring cyclists Doo Dah Man,” something tells me these top caps might be a hit with many bikepackers, gravel riders, and more.

Designed to replace any standard 1 1/8″ headset top cap, these come in a number of colors – though only black (aka ‘Default’) turquoise, purple, and pink are currently available on the site. Each sells for just $12 and is made in the USA by KustomCaps.



  1. Wonder why Jeff left All-City after a decade or so, to sell swag on his bike culture blog? Surely there’s more to this story? Maybe the benefits package at Bike Jerks was too hard to pass up. Hmmm, head scratcher for sure.

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