When we saw Edco last year, they were under new ownership and management, and it seems as though things might be changing. Boy, have they. Known for ages as a premium, high end carbon fiber road & triathlon wheel company that also made a really lightweight cassette to go with it, they’re finally branching out. This year, they showed off their first mountain bike wheelset with a weight (with tires) that’s nearly unbelievable. And, a complete road wheelset (with tires) that is very, very affordable. But, they also had a new tubeless-ready gravel wheelset that keeps with their heritage – we’ll start with that:

Edco Valke gravel wheels

new Edco Valke disc brake rims for gravel road bikes

The new Valve gravel rim isn’t just a wider version of their road bike rims. Rather, they created an all-new asymmetric design that uses different layups front and rear. Which means different weights, too. The front is 415g, but the rear comes in at 485g because it gets more carbon on the steeper side of the rim to add durability. That also means no rider weight limit.

new Edco Valke disc brake rims for gravel road bikes

They have a 21mm internal width they say is good for up to 700x45mm tires, and are finished with a matte 12k carbon finish.

new Edco Valke disc brake rims for gravel road bikes

Claimed weight is 1400g with DT350 hubs, but they’ll also build them up with Rotor’s hubs if you plan on using that brand’s 1×13 groupset. Either way, price is €1,299 without tires.

Edco launches mountain bike wheels

edco pasubio mountain bike wheels and maloja rim brake road wheels

The new Edco Pasubio mountain bike wheels (shown on left, above) are named after a popular downhill pass near Garda. They’re a 29er XC/Marathon wheel set with a 30mm hookless interior.

They have a 1,550g wheelset weight, which is decent but not record setting. Where it gets really interesting is the partnership with Wolfpack tires. The set comes wrapped with the 29×2.25 Race up front, and the 29×2.35 Cross at the rear. Both have a claimed weight around 670g each.

Are those tires any good? Probably. Wolfpack was started by the Wolfgang Arenz, who developed the Black chili compound for Continental, Schwalbe’s Addix, and other popular compounds found on other brands’ tires.

System weight with tires and full tubeless setup should be well under 3kg. Retail is €1,499 with tires.

Edco’s Maloja entry level rim brake road wheels

The new Maloja is meant as an entry point to Edco, offering a 50mm deep, 21mm internal wheelset for €800 with Vittoria Corsa Graphene Pro 2.0 tires. They’re built with bladed spokes and come in at a claimed 1,485g (without tires). Rim brake only.

…and other stuff

edco reacha bicycle trailer

Feeling really extravagant? They’ve partner with Reacha Trailers so you can outfit your bike trailer with lightweight carbon wheels, too! The model is called the Edco 28 and weighs in at just 7.9kg (17.42lb). Retail is €999.

Not shown, they also have new extra long one-piece valve stems to help you get more air into the tire for tubeless setup. That’s compared to standard valves with extenders that create a narrow section inside that impedes air flow. Available in 35-105mm in 10mm lengths, they’ll have two versions with different rubber feet – one is universal, and the other is specifically designed around the ETRTO road tubeless standard. €14 and up.



  1. Nice to see Edco still in business, I hope the brand can rebuild itself. It would have been great to see the wheels with Edco hubs, even if they were re-badged DT or Formula.

    • Don’t know why Edco would rebadge any other hub when they are first and foremost a hub manufacturer. Which begs the question; why the use of DT hubs anyway? I don’t see any DT wheels or any other hub manufacturer for that matter offering wheels made with hub sets by the competition. Strange business model by Edco.

      • Well I’m guessing maybe they dont have enough money to continue to produce their own hubs. While they have rich history in hub manufacturing who do you know that has purchased Edco hubs recently? At least if it’s a re-badged hub they can continue with “Edco hubs” until later on when they could start making their own again. To me, buying an Edco wheelset without an Edco sticker on the hub is like buying a Shimano wheelset with Campag hubs, it just seems weird.

        • They are still making the Aptera and Super G hubs in both rim and disc brake versions. There’s even a team in the US that are riding them currently since Paul Lew took over. Speaking of Paul, since he’s the head honcho now it would be nice for him to chime in and clarify instead of us going down the speculation rabbit hole.

  2. Guys,

    thank you for the comments and your knowledge shared about edco´s heritage in Bike Parts.
    We want to point out that we are part of an industry not only in motion,- its a fast changing industry today and we are talking to other brands not only in the sense of competition, we cooperate to deliver the best products to our customers.
    edco cooperates with Wolfpack, PrestaCycle, Rotor and yes…also DT and more to launch products with the best setup as long as we not yet have the perfect solution in our own hands.
    edco is doing Hubs and will do it in the future too! We are developing new Stuff on all levels,- so as “Craig” said we have to focus one by one.
    The Aptera is successful as the Rim around is too,- Team Tibco, many Triathletes and other Winners show this performance.

    All USA Customers please get back to the Industry Insider David Finlayson!
    We appreciate your support and I know you have been waiting eagerly for the gravel option we now offer at a great value.

    And let me please point out that edco with the current company Setup has NO relation at all to the above mentioned US citizen at the comment from “K-pop is dangerous to your health” that might be known from some other Rim Projects. He did not take over anything and waits in other rabbit holes than ours.

    / the bike geek edco ceo

    • When we’re all reading articles with headlines that say “Paul Lew becomes Edco CEO, moves HQ to USA” and “Paul Lew to head up Edco under new ownership” you can see where the confusion is. You’re saying that Paul Lew is not affiliated with Edco in anyway, yet the reportage contradicts this.

        • To be fair one of those headlines is only 2 years old. The industry doesn’t move that fast unless you’re going in and out of bankruptcy and playing musical chairs with ownership at the rate Edco has.

          • From time to time things change faster if decisions had not been to wise. Anyway…lets cut out this part of the history and be fair by concentrating on todays setup.

            Thank you in advance


            • There’s an old saying that applies here…

              “you can’t get to where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been”

              All points are valid good/bad and up for discussion.

      • Thank you again. The messages you refer are very old and had been mostly published by the Person itself in a very short period with the former brand owners which got bankrupt as been communicated by the media at exactly the same time.

        The story needs to be written new and we are really doing this,- I guess the Eurobike2019 has shown our big efforts here and that the products are on the right track.

        I appreciate your interest in our brand and products and hope you will be our satisfied customer.

          • YES! We are planning new stuff as mentioned above AND we have still products there.
            We are still a player in many special hubs areas doing OEM and Aftermarket. So do not worry,- High Performance Parts means Hubs as well as others.

        • Thanks Florian for taking part in the discussion and clarifying these details. Its brilliant when someone from the brand gets involved in the comments. Great to see Edco moving forward with new products.

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