A new Slye 29er heads out the 2020 MTB line-up from Bionicon, with trail & enduro builds possible. Their affordable gravel bike gets renamed Bogan, just before it is set to be available. The unique German bike maker is moving away a bit from their on-the-fly adjustable geometry concept with a number of more broadly appealing new bikes for 2020. Beyond trail & gravel, there’s an affordable hardtail, plus an enduro e-bike and an e-hardtail – the Wyatt & Earp – both ready to chew up some trail…

2020 Bionicon Slye 29er alloy trail or enduro bike

2020 Bionicon Slye 29er alloy trail or enduro bikeBionicon’s new top-spec full suspension bike is something of a shapeshifter like the older Edison & EVO bikes with pneumatically actuated suspension. But now the new Slye 29er changes character with different suspension builds. Pick the Trail setup and you get a 140mm travel fork, paired to 130mm out back. Or opt for enduro and a longer stroke/shorter overall rear shock delivers 155mm of rear wheel travel to be matched with 160mm forks.

2020 Bionicon Slye 29er alloy trail or enduro bike

Both builds share the same mainframe, but the enduro bike gets a longer linkage. The trail setup uses a 210mm long x 55mm stroke rear shock to sit the rear end a bit higher for 130mm of travel. And the enduro setup uses a slightly shorter 205mm shock with 65mm stroke, for a slightly lower bottom bracket height, even slacker angles and of course that 155mm of rear wheel travel.

2020 Bionicon Slye 29er alloy trail or enduro bike

The aluminum Slye 29er is built to shred trails in either configuration with a low slung Horst-link four-bar suspension design and widely spaced sealed bearing pivots. The trail setup gets a 65.5° head angle & 76° effective seat angle, with the headtube slackening out to 64.5° with the enduro shock & rocker. Pricing hasn’t been set, but an SLX, XT & X01 Eagle builds should offer a wide range of pricing options in either travel length.

2020 Bionicon Cody 1 alloy trail hardtail

2020 Bionicon Cody alloy trail hardtail

Adding to the new fullies is a new alloy 29er trail hardtail, too. Built with 120mm forks and a reasonably slack 66° headtube, it is meant to be a playful bike without going too extreme.

2020 Bionicon Cody 1 alloy trail hardtail

The Cody has a 2200€ SRAM SX Eagle build, or an 1800€ SLX 1×12 option, both with dropper posts, internal routing, and threaded bottom brackets.

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy all-road gravel bike

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy gravel bike

Bionicon’s aluminum all-road/gravel bike is back with a new name, the Bogan (not to be confused with the steel bikepacking 29er from Rondo of the same name). Just like when it was first teased a couple years ago as a fast, affordable & versatile mixed-surface bike for Bionicon, the new Bogan is less about a fat tire adventure bike, and more a mountain biker’s road bike.

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy gravel bike

This latest iteration of the German bike makers gravel bike again focuses on faster riding rather than heading deeper off-road. The new alloy frame gets internal routing, including for a dropper seatpost option or 2x drivetrains, plus a lighter flat set of seatstays for more rider comfort.

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy gravel bike

The Bogan sticks with basic bottle braze-ons inside the main triangle only, but does add bosses for full coverage fenders at both ends and rear rack mounts. The bike features flat mount disc brakes, 12mm thru-axles, a 27.2 post & a threaded BB.

Again, think quick moving on smaller volume gravel tires, clearance looks to top out for a max of 700x42mm tires.

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy gravel bike

Geometry is in the all-rounder category, with a 71° headtube, 73.5° seat angle, and 422mm chainstays.

2020 Bionicon Bogan affordable alloy gravel bike

Affordable gravel is the goal for the 2020 Bionicon Bogan family. The Bogan 1 GRX with a Shimano GRX 2×11 sells for just 2200€, or for the same price you can get an Apex 1 build. At just 1800€ the Bogan 2 features a 2×10 groupset and the option for a raw aluminum finish.

2020 Bionicon Wyatt e-enduro eMTB

2020 Bionicon Wyatt e-enduro eMTB e-bike

On the e-bike front, the new Wyatt is a 150mm rear /160mm front travel e-enduro mullet e-bike. A big 29x 2.6″ front wheel rolls over anything and the 27.5×2.8″ monster rear lays down the power. The alloy enduro e-bikes are powered by fourth generation Bosch Performance CX motors with 625Wh internal batteries. Three complete build options start at 4600€ and climb to 6300€.

2020 Bionicon Earp e-hardtail trail eMTB

2020 Bionicon Earp e-hardtail trail eMTB e-bike

The same happens in e-trail hardtail world with the companion Earp. This eMTB is a bit more tame with 29″ wheels at both ends and just 120mm fork travel. But the motor & battery are the same, so this lighter e-bike will get you even further. Prices start at 3000€ for the Earp with a Deore 9sp and a smaller 500Wh battery, and climb to 4000€ with the big battery and an XT 1×11.

All the new full suspension bikes will hit bike shops late next spring (until May 2020), while the gravel & hardtail versions will be ready from March 2020.



  1. Bog-standard, boring, off the peg, Far East catalog frames…

    Might be previously they were not brilliant bikes, but they were standing out with their one-button changeability…

    Looks like path to homogenization catching up with everybody :-/

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