Industry Nine announced an expansion of their budget-conscious 101 line beyond hubs, and into complete wheel sets. With two width options, two diameter options, two disc brake interfaces, and a slew of axle and driver body options – I9 has just about every bike on the planet covered – for a cool $750 per wheel set.

Industry Nine 101 mountain bike wheels

The 101 name isn’t new to Industry Nine, but the initial offering was limited to hubs. The 101 hubs effectively replaced the Torch as a less costly alternative with close to the same performance (4 degree engagement vs 3 for the Torch).

The 101 wheel sets follow that same theme, offering a lot of bang for your buck. They come with two rim profile options for both 27.5 and 29″ diameters. All builds come in black color with Sapim Race j-bend spokes laced 3-cross.

Front spacing is limited to 15x110mm Boost, while rear options include 10x141mm Boost, 12x148mm Boost, and 12x157mm Superboost. Rotor mounting options include ISO 6-bolt or Center Lock, while freehubs can be had in HG, XD, or Micro Spline. All complete wheel sets sell for $750.


  1. So about £150 to £200 more than a roughly equivalent Hope set oncethey arrive here in the UK and in line with an alloy DT Swiss 240 based build. Nice looking wheels, pricing in line with some of the other very top end Alu wheelsets, which by I9 standard is quite wallet friendly. I still don’t expect to sell many of these over Hope and DT Swiss.

  2. It’s hard to understand why I9 sticks with J-bend spokes on these wheels. Straight pulls spokes eliminate any additional flex at the elbow, and have proven themselves to be more laterally stiff, more reliable, and lighter. I ride their aluminum-spoked wheels, and don’t intend to ever go back to J-bends.

  3. Who is labeling these as ‘budget friendly’? Is it the author or I9?? Either way, it always smells like some marketing on this site…

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