Starting October 1, Boyd Cycling is offering a 20% discount on a new set of their wheels when you trade in any set of wheels. It’s an expansion of their prior trade-up program that was limited to older sets of Boyd wheels, allowing you to trade in any brand in any shape. That said…

“The trade-in is open to wheels of any condition, but we really want to encourage people to trade in wheels that are in rideable condition,” commented owner and name-sake, Boyd Johnson. “There are so many junior riders throughout the country who could use a set of wheels, even if those wheels are not the latest and greatest. We have contacts with development teams and shops throughout the country and are thrilled that, together with our customers and our dealers, we can all help aspiring cyclists.”

Boyd will send you a prepaid shipping label to collect your old wheels, or you can trade them in directly at your local Boyd dealer. The latter has the advantage of helping out a junior rider in your local area, and saving freight pollution, etc. Then you’ll get 20% off a new set of Boyd Cycling wheels of your choice. All wheels will checked for quality and ride-ability, and if good condition with no cracks, dings or dents, they will be donated to a junior rider in need of equipment. This “any brand” trade up program runs through October 2020.


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