Agu announced the Deep Winter Thermo Jacket – designed with an integrated electric heater system and pocket-sized rechargeable battery pack. Meant to keep you warm on the coldest days (or perhaps during that mid-ride coffee stop), the jacket has a small button on the outside to control the heat. For washing, simply remove the battery pack and toss the jacket in with your normal laundry.

All images courtesy Agu.

Agu Deep Winter Thermo Jacket with heater and battery pack

Agu makes a variety of apparel, accessories, and even bike bags – but their latest innovation is particularly noteworthy. Using integrated heating elements on the chest and back, the Deep Winter Thermo Jacket promises to keep you warm on even the coldest days.

Power comes by way of a small battery pack, which tucks away into an interior pocket. There are three settings, which provide 6 hours of heat on the lowest setting.

A chest-mounted button on the exterior of the jacket controls the heating level.

The Agu Deep Winter Thermo Jacket is available now for €169.99, and includes a three year warranty. For more info and a full sizing chart, check them out at the link below.


  1. I’ve had two winters in Minneapolis after leaving Los Angeles, and even with that big of a change, I can’t say I’ve needed a heated jacket. Certainly individual factors play, but for me wool bases, synthetic down, and a rain shell, and that’d been great for down tot -20.

  2. Heating possibly makes sense for the extremities, but no way does it make sense for the core. You are much better off just buying an insulated jacket. I would suggest Climashield APEX synthetic insulation.

  3. Nothing new – been a thing for the street motorcycle crowd for years now with mixed results with the technology in that space.

  4. I doubt this generates much heat. Using a USB power bank the heaters are probably 5v. FiredUpX makes a vest that uses 2 x 12v packs and even their heated glove liners are 7.4v. The amount of heat you can get out of the carbon fiber heating loops is a factor of the loop length, voltage and fiber density.

    The heated hoodie from Milwaukee Tools would be a good option, and backed by a solid company. Though it probably has more heat on the back than would be necessary.

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