This is the second installment in a series of podcast interviews with the folks around the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship. In this episode, we chat with one of the key players in bringing this project to be, Brooklyn Fowler of SRAM.

Brooklyn is best described as a powerful undercurrent in an industry that values big waves. They are one of those folks in cycling that you may not know but whose impact you have certainly felt. In addition to being one of the most technically knowledgable folks in the cycling industry in the world, Brooklyn has also been an enthusiastic and passionate advocate for the rider and mechanic experience. They have been a central, though behind-the-scenes, figure in stoking grassroots efforts to facilitate inclusivity in the cycling industry and are an important touchpoint for many.

In this interview, Brooklyn and I discuss investing in inclusivity and the ins and outs of the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship.

If you want to see Brooklyn in action, be sure to stop by the SRAM booth or check out their SRAM eTap AXS tech clinic at the Philadelphia Bike Expo (Saturday, November 2nd, 1:30pm).

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for interviews with the frame builders who have been awarded the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship.

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  1. grrohms on

    It is really exciting to hear Brooklyn’s perspective as an industry insider in this podcast! I especially appreciate the conversation around what qualifies a person as a cyclist. Keep it up with the quality content!

  2. Alexis on

    Really interesting to hear from people who have been deeply involved in the industry from many perspectives. Good on you SRAM, PBE, and BikeRumor for striving to create a better market for everybody. Love this type of content and hope there’s much more to come.

  3. Hubert Mooney on

    Brooklyn is arguably the best person I ever encountered in the industry, there are a few close seconds Wayne Brongell , Pete Esser, Louie and several others but she is one of the best!! The industry needs to listen to her in all facets of the business .

    Love you Brook I hope that I am your favorite C, salami and green olive pizza from pats is the way to go on Thursdays in Chicago.

    • Bri on

      I don’t know this firsthand, but the articles uses gender neutral pronouns in reference to Brooklyn. For non-binary and genderqueer folx, it is a sign of respect to use their preferred pronouns.

  4. Nate on

    Wonderful interview, Anna! Brook has been a valuable friend and mentor to me and many others at SRAM. They are changing the industry for the better.

  5. Sbrdude1 on

    That was terrible. Let’s redefine language for no good reason. Hard pass. Stick to making good technology and keep your politics out of it.

    • Dockboy on

      If you’re upset by the singular “they,” you have a heck of a lot of other word usage to get upset about, too. It’s a seven hundred year old tradition, older than the singular “you,” and plenty of other words, and phrases. Language changes as we need it to.

      If you’re upset by someone being nonbinary, don’t couch it in linguistic ignorance. You aren’t any less of a man (or woman, though I rather doubt it) because somebody else doesn’t identify that way.

  6. Drew Diller on

    Anna you have good discipline for voice casting. Usually I’m put off (or lulled to sleep) by voice setups where the interviewer is twice as loud as the person being interviewed, or there are too many “uuuuhhhhm” sounds to fill the air. You mixed the levels well, this was easy to listen to.

    @Sbrdude1 there’s no need to feel threatened by pronouns that don’t apply to you. A wise person told me once, “Does the shoe fit?” Of all the times I’ve been in the presence of non-binary-gender communication, this has to be one of the least heavy-handed examples.

    Really excited for the Pedalino interview, one of the few bright spots in my otherwise dreary social media stream.


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