GoPro’s HERO7 launched with a bang thanks to their million dollar challenge. The premise was simple: Grab their latest camera, shoot something amazing, submit it, and if they include even a second of your clip, you get an equal share in that $1MM bucks. And now it’s back for the HERO8 and MAX cameras. Starting now, you can upload any footage you’ve shot with the new HERO8 or MAX cameras and it’ll be reviewed and considered for inclusion in their next promo video.

How to enter the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

Kinda simple, just film something amazing, ideally that shows off the capabilities of the camera without, you know, looking like you’re trying too hard, then submit it through their website.

The only catch is you’ve got to shoot the footage on the new HERO8, which started shipping last week (a full week earlier than they had anticipated…the official launch was supposed to be 10/15), or the new MAX, which gets a full tech release on 10/22 and starts shipping a couple days later. Stay tuned for that, and for our first impressions in November…we’ve gotta wait for ours to arrive, too!

And here’s last year’s promo video for inspiration:

Is it worth it? This one netted all inclusions $17,000 a piece. Yep, even those ultrashort snippets earned the creator a big cash payout. Not bad.

Click the affiliate links in this post and you’ll help support what we do, and by buying direct from GoPro, you’ll get free shipping and a free SD card with each camera. Or, opt for their Trade-up program and get $100 of the HERO8.

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